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Winds of Change

A Homecare Story

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During this season of light, we would like to share a story of how some light was shed into a family’s life.

An Israeli Psychotherapist who works with both children and adults with cognitive-behavioral problems wrote an article which he states how he discovered the benefits of using music as part of a healing therapy. Homecare had already discovered this.

A young girl who was one of 9 children in an impoverished home suffered from behavioral problems. The single mother was concerned as was the psychologist. Then a donation from a Homecare supporter enabled the girl to begin violin lessons, only to have her decide a year later that she wanted to learn the saxophone, a wind instrument, instead. The mother was understandably frustrated about her daughter’s seemingly indecisive behaviour and lack of perseverance. However, suggested Homecare perhaps this new instrument of choice will give expression to emotions that cannot be expressed in words, but rather be blown into the wind. It took a few short lessons for a child prodigy to be discovered! Not only did she display tremendous talent, but she began to have fun through her music. After a few months only she began playing with the Israeli Youth Orchestra! The troublesome behaviour has gone as she develops into a confident young woman.

A generous gift has truly been a blessing and enabled the winds of change in the life of this family. Every gift to ICEJ Homecare impacts a life somewhere. Please help us bring light to despairing situations. 


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