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The days leading up to the Passover week that begins with the Seder meal on the first night, are very busy ones for most Jewish households.  Everybody is in a hurry! It’s as if they are not only remembering that their nation came out of Egypt, but that they are about to be delivered themselves. 

There are long lines at the supermarket check-out counters as the last shopping is done before the holiday begins.  People clean their houses out thoroughly, making sure that there is not a crumb of  bread or other products containing yeast left anywhere, in obedience to the instructions in the Book of Exodus.

Also for Homecare it is a special time and a busy one. Many extra visits are done to give out Supermarket vouchers along with a card of encouragement and blessing on behalf of donors from around the world. The means to make extra food purchases at this time of the year is a blessing for the elderly people who live from a small pension. Now they can celebrate this Feast of Deliverance.

For one of the people visited on a weekly basis by Homecare, this a difficult time. For six years Yoram has been in hospital connected to a respirator.  His wife Lena who has cancer lives in their home, but just manages to keep their house in order and is certainly not able to do the extra cleaning required for Passover.

At first in her busy schedule, Corrie of Homecare felt she did not have the time to deal with a well-intentioned phone call from a lady who is a regular visitor to Israel from Finland. “I am in the land, do you need my help?” But then the thought struck her “Yes, I do need your help! To do the Passover cleaning of the house of Lena”.

A day later it was time to visit Yoram in the hospital and carry out the usual small things that help him there.  Suddenly Corrie realized that it was for Yoram that the house was going to be cleaned. “Yoram, Elohim cares for you so much,” she said. Elohim cares, asked his suffering eyes.  “Indeed, you are a Torah observer, and without planning anything, a lady from Finland was sent to clean your house. Lena will go into the Passover week with a house that is clean and ready. Elohim heard the cry of your heart regarding this need that neither you nor your wife could do anything about.” Into the eyes of Yoram came a sparkle, he received a new perspective on how God cares.

Two days later, with strength and joy, together with the great help of this Finish lady, Homecare cleaned the apartment of Lena, no yeast was to be found.   And what pleased Lena the most? “…Yoram will be so happy when I tell him that the job is done,” she said. 


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