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An Aliyah to Celebrate

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Earlier this year, Luda and ICEJ Homecare director Corrie van Maanen met for a special celebration. Perhaps not many who are wheelchair-bound, with deteriorating health and without family, would find anything to celebrate. However, this was the 25th anniversary of Luda’s Aliyah from Ukraine. Together with her father, who has since passed away, she came to Israel with hopes of finding better treatment for her health condition which had put an end to her university degree and dreams of a career. Corrie and Luda were also celebrating the 25th anniversary of a warm connection to the ICEJ including a quarter century of faithfully attending Israeli Guest Night during the Feast.

Two weeks after arriving in Israel and in need of special assistance, Luda heard about ICEJ’s Homecare program. The support she received continues to this day, as does the friendship that was born between Luda and Corrie. “Through knowing Corrie and ICEJ, the whole world is in my hand,” Luda recently stated, referring to the many Christians who have helped or visited her from all over the world. A bright smile on Luda’s face may mask the tears that are often shed, but her friendly nature endears her to all who meet her.

Luda is thankful she came home to Israel. She overcame the challenges of a new language and a different culture, and today she participates in Israeli society. Throughout her 25 years here in the land, Homecare’s help and friendship were vital to giving hope and emotional healing to this often-overwhelmed new immigrant. Therefore, it was with joy that coffee and cake, memories and stories, were shared to celebrate a wonderful relationship.


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