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#GIVINGTUESDAY Shelters Delivered to Sadot Silver

ICEJ Bomb Shelter Installations Continue During Corona Crisis

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While the ICEJ is helping Israel deal with the current Coronavirus crisis, there is another threat to Israel over many years which we are continuing to address – the threat of Hamas rocket fire from Gaza. On Tuesday (5 May), the Christian Embassy delivered two life-saving portable bomb shelters to an Israeli community along the Gaza border, while another eight shelters are to be delivered to the area soon.

The two shelters were donated this week to kibbutz Kfar Silver, located between northern Gaza and Ashkelon. They were placed beside a playground and new classrooms at the Sadot Silver elementary school, which is part of a special youth village that is home to many new immigrant children as well as children from broken families. The school was chosen by ICEJ to receive the shelters because they did not have adequate protection for the children when they were out on the playground or in the new classrooms recently set up near the main school building.

The school has been closed for over six weeks due to the Coronavirus, but to our amazement it reopened the very day the bomb shelters were ready for delivery.

The ICEJ raised the funds for the two bomb shelters on “Giving Tuesday” back in December. Several residents of Kfar Silver made video appeals for the online donation campaign, describing how their students are vulnerable to sudden rocket attacks from nearby Gaza, as villagers there have less than 30 seconds to find shelter when the red alert sounds.

On Tuesday, the residents of Kfar Silver were elated to hear that their appeals for help had touched the hearts of Christians from all over the world to give to this need, as donations for the shelters came in from Mexico, the Philippines, Finland, Australia, Barbados, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Over recent months, the ICEJ has also been able to provide medical equipment and supplies to the emergency relief teams in the Hof Ashkelon region to fight COVID-19, thanks to the support of Christians worldwide.

Please consider a gift today!


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