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June 2011 Prayer Guide

Isaiah 62 Prayer Campaign

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Dr. Jurgen Buhler

 Download the 'Isaiah 62' prayer guide for June 22nd »

I am writing this prayer update from Manaus overlooking the Rio Negro in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. Manaus, a city of 2 million inhabitants is today one of the most Christianized cities in the world: more than half the population are evangelical believers! On Sundays the public transport system needs to be run at 100% capacity as the streets are packed with people going to church.

The church of Pastor Rene Terra Nova, which is hosting us this weekend, started less than 20 years go in a small garage in a suburb of Manaus. Today they have some 70,000 members. When the church decided to build their first large sanctuary, they began by building a prayer tower which, to this day, is used 24 hours a day to pray for their city, their country and the nation of Israel. Prayer is considered a primary key for today’s revival in South America.

As we pray for Israel today, God will answer our prayers. Jesus Himself makes that promise to us. You might say: “I do not know how to pray.” If this is your question then you are in noble company. Paul the mighty Apostle made precisely that confession when he wrote:

“For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words” (Romans 8:26)

Invite God to teach you through his Holy Spirit how to pray and allow the Spirit of God to pray through you. 

Finally, as you set time aside today to pray for Israel be assured that thousands of Christians around the world are joining you. Just yesterday a Pastor from Bolivia assured me that his church of 5,000 members in Las Paz joins us each month in prayer. And many more do so around the world. 

Israel today needs your prayers more than ever as do all of us who serve with the ministry of the ICEJ in Jerusalem. Thank you for standing with us and with Israel.

Download the 'Isaiah 62' prayer guide for June 22nd » 

Yours in Jesus,

Dr. Jürgen Bühler
ICEJ International Director


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