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Israel at Sixty-four

Israel is celebrating its 64th Independence Day, also known as Yom Hatzmaut, starting Wednesday evening, 25 April. To mark the occasion, ICEJ media director David Parsons spoke with Daniel Gordis, a prominent Israeli author and scholar who serves as senior vice president of the Shalem Center in Jerusalem.

Gordis tells us why, even admist all of Israel's challenges and painful memories, there is still much reason to be hopeful and celebrate this Yom Hatzmaut!

Israel's Top Stories of 2011

ICEJ Media Director, David Parsons, sits down with CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief, Chris Mitchell, to discuss the stories that made headlines in 2011.

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A Rosh Hashana Conversation

ICEJ TV interviews special guest Yossi Klein Halevi, a veteran Israeli journalist and scholar who is currently a fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem.

Yossi is one of Israel's most articulate commentators with a unique ability to speak for the vast Israeli consensus.


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