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ICEJ leads American Christian charge against the Iran deal

Below are two releases about the ICEJ's on-going efforts to oppose the Iran deal agreed to by the P5+1 nations. First, our ICEJ-USA branch just delivered to the White House and to senior leaders of Congress the final results of our grassroots petition drive among Christians in opposition to the Iran deal. We obtained a total of over 60,000 signatures in the US and more than 30,000 in other countries opposing the current terms of the Iran deal.

In addition, our ICEJ-USA branch spearheaded an effort to bring together a wide array of American Christian leaders and organizations to sign a joint letter also opposing the Iran deal. This letter was signed by hundreds of American Christian leaders, representing tens of millions of US Christians, and has been delivered to the White House and senior leaders of Congress. Links are provided to the ad-hoc ACLI website and the list of signers, which includes ICEJ-USA, CUFI, Christian Coalition, National Religious Broadcasters, Israel Always, Aglow International, Concerned Women of America, and many more prominent American Christian organizations.

David Parsons
ICEJ Media Director
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U.S. Christians Make Third and Final Plea to White House and Congress on Iran Nuclear Negotiations

September 04, 2015

On Thursday, September 3rd, the U.S. Branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) delivered to President Obama and Congressional leaders a third and final wave of signatures on its "Not One Bomb for Iran" petition signed by more than 60,000 Americans deeply concerned about the current agreement.

On Thursday, September 3rd, the U.S. Branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) delivered to President Obama and Congressional leaders a third and final wave of signatures on its "Not One Bomb for Iran" petition signed by more than 60,000 Americans deeply concerned about the current agreement.

"President Obama, refuses to acknowledge or listen to the cries of protest not only from US citizens but throughout the world and especially the Middle East region. The President seems unwavering in his stance and determined to make this "bad deal" the highpoint of his foreign policy legacy no matter how many obvious cracks, flaws and loopholes are exposed," wrote one petition signer.

The petition drive was started six months ago as a grassroots effort initiated by the U.S. Branch of ICEJ to voice opposition to the Iranian regime's quest for nuclear weapons. As details emerged of the bad deal being made with Iran, the ICEJ's global constituency added their voices with a petition to the P5+1 negotiating partners that garnered a further 30,000 signatures before its delivery in early July.

The petition simply asked that two things occur before signing the agreement:

1.    Any agreement the Administration signs with Iran must completely dismantle the regime's ability to build a nuclear bomb.

2.    Congress must ratify any agreement proposed by the Administration with regard to Iran's nuclear program.

"This issue continues to be very heavy on the hearts of millions of Americans as evidenced by the overwhelming number of signatures we have received. I was honored and proud to present this petition on behalf of so many who understand the implications of a nuclear Iran on both America's national security and Israel, our closest, longtime ally in the Middle East," said Susan Michael, U.S. National Director.

Daryl Hedding, US Deputy Director: (615) 895-9830, daryl.hedding9(at)


Christian Leaders Unite Against Proposed Iran Agreement
 Contact: Susan Michael, 615-895-9830

WASHINGTON, Sept. 4, 2015 - Christian leaders have come together under the banner of American Christian Leaders for Israel (ACLI) in order to unite their voices in support of Israel, thereby having far greater impact than any one organization. Their first initiative addresses the Iran Agreement, an issue affecting both Israel and the United States.

Today, this network sent a petition to the White House, copied to Congressional leaders, against any agreement that does not dismantle Iran's nuclear program. Some 650 Pastors and Christian leaders representing tens of millions of grassroots Americans have signed onto that letter found at The list of signers is found here.

"Through this joint initiative, we want to demonstrate that this is not a partisan issue, nor a Jewish issue, nor only an Israel issue, but it is an American issue, and millions of grassroots Americans are opposed to this disastrous deal," stated Susan Michael, U.S. Director for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ). ACLI is a project of the U.S. Branch of ICEJ.

"This network of Christian leaders in support of Israel is unprecedented," added Michael, "and reflects the gravity of the situation. We are asking all members of Congress to set aside partisan issues and vote against the agreement."

In addition to signing the petition, many of these leaders have made statements and efforts of their own in opposition to the proposed agreement. Together they have issued millions of emails, spoken to vast audiences on-air, generated tens of thousands of emails and phone calls to members of Congress, and have informed their constituencies on the contents and problems of the agreement.

"CUFI Action Fund sent more than 1.1 million emails to grassroots activists in addition to launching a six-figure media campaign." -- Gary Bauer, Washington Director, CUFI Action Fund

"This deal is not only bad; it is very dangerous. It falls woefully short of what both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have said is acceptable. We lead an evangelical Hispanic community which represents more than 40,000 Hispanic churches across America. We are asking Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to oppose this deal." -- Mario Bramnick, President, the Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition, subsidiary of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

"Christian Coalition sent emails to some 3 million people and organized lobbying appointments for their state directors as well as on Capitol Hill." -- Roberta Combs, President and CEO, Christian Coalition of America

"Like it or not, the weak leaders of the West concluded a weak deal with Iran…Obama's legacy may prove to be more explosive than he ever imagined." -- Earl Cox, Broadcaster and Journalist, Israel Always

"AGLOW's call at this urgent moment in history is an Esther call. Just as God empowered Moses and Esther to speak to their ancient leaders, I'm now calling on the men and women of Aglow to follow our biblical role models and talk to our modern leaders." -- Jane Hansen Hoyt, President and CEO, Aglow International

"First and foremost, this deal should be rejected on the fundamental grounds that Iran continues to unjustly and brutally detain American citizens, including Pastor Saeed Abedini,… Moreover, this agreement puts Israel, America's steadfast Middle East ally, at great risk and … demands the rejection of this proposed nuclear agreement with Iran." -- Jerry A. Johnson, President & CEO, the National Religious Broadcasters

"Traditional Values Coalition has been aggressive in its opposition to the Iran Deal, mobilizing millions of Christians represented by our network of 43,000 churches, ministries and grassroots activists, lobbying members of Congress sitting on the fence that a wide bi-partisan opposition to the Iran Deal exists, and arguing forcefully that the alternative to this bad deal is not war -- it's a better deal." -- Andrea Lafferty, President, Traditional Values Coalition

"The ICEJ, with branches in 80 countries, obtained 90,000 signatures on two petitions: 60,000 of them in the U.S. addressing their concerns to the White House and Congressional leaders, while 30,000 outside the U.S. were sent to the other P5+1 leaders." -- Susan Michael, U.S. Director, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

"This deal with Iran is a bad deal for the U.S., our ally Israel, and the four American hostages who were left behind. No deal is better than a bad deal that locks in the negative consequences currently incorporated. CWALAC activated our half-a-million members, particularly focused on a number of key states, and also organized a lobbying day on Capitol Hill to express our opposition to the deal." -- Penny Nance, CEO and President, Concerned Women for America

"It's not just the American people and the Israeli people that need American leadership now. … Who will be the voice for freedom and civility in the world if not America? … Our national anthem says that America is the 'land of the free and the home of the brave.' Free and brave people don't do deals like this." -- Star Parker, Founder and President, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education

"The Board of Directors of the National Religious Broadcasters, which represents outlets reaching 60 million viewers and listeners, earlier this year unanimously approved a formal Resolution calling 'on the United States to continue to stand steadfast by Israel in its time of need.' This agreement falls dangerously short of that position." -- Linda Smith, COO & EVP, the National Religious Broadcasters

"The IRD spoke out against the letter in favor of the Iran Agreement that had been organized by the Friends Committee on National Legislation and National Council of Churches saying it continues a longtime religiously utopian tradition of addressing the world as it wishes it to be instead of reality." -- Mark Tooley, Executive Director, The Institute for Religion and Democracy

About American Christian Leaders for Israel (ACLI)
On behalf of the tens of millions of American Christians that we collectively represent, we the members of ACLI seek to provide a unified voice of truth to the American public in support of Israel and the Jewish people. American Christian Leaders for Israel is a project of the U.S. Branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. Learn more at

About International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ)
The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was established in 1980 in recognition of the biblical significance of all of Jerusalem, and its unique connection with the Jewish people of Israel. Today it represents millions of Christians, churches and denominations to the nation and people. Our work with its head office in Jerusalem reaches more than 140 countries with branch offices in over 80 nations. Learn more at

Christians urge Western powers to take firmer line in Iran talks

As high-level diplomatic talks between the P5+1 nations and Iran continued to drag out this week, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem weighed into the issue of the serious threat posed by the Iranian nuclear program by delivering the results of a recent global petition drive against the pending deal to the governments of Britain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as to the European Union and United Nations. Over recent months, more than 80,000 Christians from dozens of countries worldwide have signed on to an urgent plea by the ICEJ that the Western powers engaged in the current negotiations should hold firm in demanding the complete dismantling of the Iranian nuclear facilities until any sanctions relief is given to Tehran. 

The results of the global petition, which was signed over 30,000 Christians from several dozen Western democracies, were delivered this week to UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, as well as to EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Last week, the ICEJ-USA branch handed over the final results of its recent USA petition, which was signed by over 50,000 American Christians and also endorses the right of Congressional review of any Iran deal.

The petition notes that Iran’s renegade nuclear program poses an intolerable threat to the Middle East and the entire world. It also stresses that Iran is the world's foremost sponsor of global terrorism, repeatedly threatens to annihilate Israel, and is engaged in military aggressions that are undermining the stability and independence of countries throughout the region.

The petitioners demanded that any international agreement concerning Iran's nuclear program must:
1) Require that Iran completely dismantle its nuclear program.
2) Leave sanctions in place until Iran also relinquishes its destructive goals of spreading terrorism, destroying Israel, and achieving regional hegemony.

The petition states: “While we appreciate the ongoing diplomatic efforts to resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis, we fear the agreement now under consideration will not prevent Iran from producing nuclear weapons. It contains too many concessions given the enormity of this threat and the untrustworthy nature of the Iranian regime. We feel we must speak up before it is too late, for the safety of ourselves and our children.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact: David Parsons, ICEJ Media Director
Email:    Cell:  052 381 6214


Burning of Church of the Multiplication

The Honourable Binyamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of IsraelThe Prime Minister’s Office
3 Kaplan Street, Hakirya
Jerusalem  91950  Israel

RE:  Burning of Church of the Multiplication

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem wishes to stand with the government of Israel in your condemnation of the arson attack on the Church of the Multiplication along the shores of the Sea of Galilee early this morning.

This appears to have been a deliberate attack on an important symbol of the Christian faith here in the Holy Land, marking the traditional site where Jesus prayed over a basket of fishes and loaves and fed multitudes.

We are confident that the relevant Israeli authorities will do their utmost to identify the perpetrators of this shameful hate crime and bring them to justice. In so doing, the State of Israel will continue to distinguish itself as a defender of democratic freedoms, religious tolerance and the rule of law, all within a region where churches are often burnt and no one is held accountable.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Jürgen Bühler
Executive Director
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

ICEJ Tribute to Lance Lambert

The global leadership and family of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem note with sorrow and profound respect the passing of our friend and fellow labourer in ministry, Lance Lambert. An accomplished and beloved Bible scholar and teacher, Lance will be missed by those of us who remain even as he is being received with great joy in his new heavenly home.

Lance Lambert passed away on Sunday (10 May) at age 84 in Jerusalem. He was one of the most distinguished Bible expositors of his generation, and one of its most adept leaders of intercessory prayer for Israel, the Middle East and the world.

Until recent years, Lance enjoyed a worldwide itinerate ministry. Born in 1931, Lance grew up in England and met the Lord at age 12. He entered the school of African and Oriental studies at London University to prepare for the Lord’s work in China. He studied Classical Chinese, Mandarin, Oriental Philosophy and Far Eastern History, but the revolution closed the door to his entry into China.

In the early 1950′s, Lance served in the British Royal Air Force in Egypt, where he learned many principles in intercessory prayer.  He later founded Halford House Christian Fellowship in Richmond, England.

Having discovered his Jewish ancestry, Lance became an Israeli citizen in 1980. His father and many members of his family had died in the Holocaust.

Lance was noted for his eschatological views, which placed him in the tradition of Watchman Nee and T. Austin-Sparks. He wrote numerous books on prayer and Israel, including The Uniqueness of Israel.

We had the privilege of engaging with Lance Lambert and benefitting from his rich teachings at the Feast of Tabernacles and other gatherings in Jerusalem and elsewhere. In fact, he was a key figure in the founding of the Christian Embassy at the very first Feast in 1980.

Lance was a man of great humility, faith and discernment, and a prophetic teacher of great insight and authority. We will always remember him as well for offering the fervent, effectual prayers of a righteous man, which assuredly availed much in God’s Kingdom.

The family of Lance Lambert have expressed to us their desire that any gifts in his honour from the ICEJ’s global following should be directed to projects to assist needy Holocaust survivors in Israel and to help Jews making Aliyah to Israel from distant lands. Thus, any donations should be made payable to the “ICEJ” with the notation: “Given in honour of Lance Lambert”.

With complete trust in the sure mercies of our Lord,

Dr. Jürgen Bühler
Executive Director
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

ICEJ-USA petition demands no nukes for Iran

On Thursday, 26 March, the USA branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem delivered to both the White House and top Congressional leaders a petition signed by more than 23,000 American citizens demanding that Iran be made to dismantle its nuclear program and that the US Congress have a say in any nuclear agreement now being negotiated with Tehran. An accompanying letter was also signed by dozens of prominent American Christian leaders representing tens of millions of citizens which mirrored these same demands.

The petition signatures were all collected by ICEJ-USA in the past three weeks after media reports made clear that the Obama administration is seeking a deal with Iran which would allow the radical Islamic regime to keep much of its nuclear program intact and would not be presented to Congress for approval.

“I was honoured to present these petitions on behalf of so many Christians who understand the implications of a nuclear Iran on both America’s national security and Israel, our closest, long-time ally in the Middle East,” said Susan Michael, ICEJ-USA National Director, upon presenting the petition to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The grassroots petition and Christian leadership letter were also delivered to the White House, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker John Boehner, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi last Thursday. The petition calls for any agreement between the United States and Iran to be based on two principles: (1) It must completely dismantle the Iranian regime’s ability to build a nuclear bomb, and (2) Congress must ratify any agreement proposed by the Administration with regard to Iran’s nuclear program.

Joining Susan Michael of ICEJ-USA on the leadership letter were Dr. Michael Little, President of CBN; Rev. Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, President of NHCLC-CONELA; Jerry Johnson, President of the National Religious Broadcasters; Steve Strang, Founder and CEO of Charisma Media; Dr. James C. Dobson; Rev. Kenneth Copeland; Roberta Combs, President of Christian Coalition of America; David Kubal, President of Intercessors for America; Jane Hansen Hoyt, President of Aglow International; Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women for America; Dr. Paul Nyquist, President of Moody Bible Institute; Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council; Dr. Gary L. Bauer, executive board-member of Christians Unite

In coming weeks, the ICEJ also will be opening up the petition to its global constituency in more than 150 nations and will present the results to the United Nations and to the other P5+1 nations of China, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom currently negotiating with Iran over its renegade nuclear program.

ICEJ to welcome latest flight of Bnei Menashe

On Thursday (13/11), the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem will be sponsoring flights for a group of 50 members of the Bnei Menashe community from India who are making Aliyah to Israel. They are part of the latest wave of 250 Bnei Menashe arriving in Israel this month in an on-going Aliyah operation spearheaded by Shavei Israel, with supervision by the Chief Rabbinate and other Israeli authorities.

With these latest arrivals, the ICEJ has now sponsored the aliyah flights of 1,000 Bnei Menashe over the past twenty four months, including a record 680 this year. The Bnei Menashe claim descent from the Israelite tribe of Manasseh and aspire to come home to the Land of Israel after 2700 years of exile. About 3,000 members of the Bnei Menashe community are now living in Israel, while another 6,000 are awaiting their turn to immigrate.

Over recent decades, the Christian Embassy has assisted more than 115,000 Jews in making aliyah to Israel – which is roughly ten percent of those immigrating to Israel during this time. Most of these new immigrants have come from the Former Soviet Union, but it includes Ethiopian Jews, Jews from Western countries, the ‘quiet aliyah’ from sensitive countries, and now the Bnei Menashe from India.

NOTE TO MEDIA:  The latest flight of Bnei Menashe olim will arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport on Thursday morning and is expected to enter the Arrivals Hall around 12:00 Noon. Any media wanting to cover their arrival should contact:

David Parsons, ICEJ Media Director                          or            Ziv Goldfisher, ICON Media
Cell: 052-381-6214                                                                            Cell: 054-808-8260;
Email:                                                   Email:

Christian, Jewish leaders to unite in unprecedented call for world leaders to halt persecution of Middle East Christians

WJC President Ronald Lauder, Empowered21 President Billy Wilson, ICEJ Executive Director Jürgen Bühler co-sign letter to 120 world leaders demanding protection for region’s battered Christians

At a press conference to be convened on Monday (13/10) in Jerusalem, prominent leaders of major Jewish and Christian global organizations will announce an historic joint initiative calling on world leaders to take urgent, determined actions to halt the brutal persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

The joint initiative will be unveiled at the Feast of Tabernacles celebration sponsored by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, with some 4,500 Christians from 80 nations in attendance this week.

The alarming situation for Christian minorities across the Middle East continues to worsen even while world leaders have largely ignored this on-going human rights tragedy, laments a letter recently sent to heads of state and/or government for 95 democratic countries and co-signed by ICEJ executive director Dr. Jürgen Bühler, World Jewish Congress president Ronald S. Lauder, and Dr. William M. Wilson, president and co-chairman of the Empowered21 Global Council and president of Oral Roberts University.

Dr. Bühler noted that the participation of Lauder as head of the main umbrella organization representing world Jewry, together with leading Evangelical ministries, makes this an historic intiative.

“The current plight of Middle East Christians is heart-breaking and even Western churches have to do more to bring the suffering of our fellow believers to the forefront worldwide,” said Dr. Bühler. “But to have a prominent global Jewish leader lend his voice to this moral call for protecting the region’s persecuted Christians is unprecedented in modern times. We welcome all others of goodwill who will take a stand now for these vulnerable ancient Christian communities.”

“Just as Christians defend Jews against anti-Semitism, just as Christians support Israel, we Jews have an obligation to speak out against the growing persecution of Christians in many parts of the world,” Lauder said in explaining his participation as head of the World Jewish Congress.

“Islamist extremists have launched a full-fledged assault on our Western values, on our civilization, and Jews and Christians must work hand in hand to defeat this threat. For too long, the world has remained silent in the face of this evil. We must act before it is too late,” Lauder added.

“This letter gives an important voice to Christians who are being persecuted and even killed for their faith around the world, especially in the Middle East,” said Dr. Wilson of Empowered21, a major network of Evangelical leaders worldwide. “In this age of technology, we have a greater awareness of these types of alarming oppressions and a greater responsibility to protect Christian communities. Most Christ followers in these difficult situations will not respond with violence and therefore need global governmental authorities to stand with them against these injustices.”

All three signatories on the letter will address the press conference on Monday afternoon, 13 October, at the new Jerusalem Pais Arena, where the ICEJ’s annual Feast of Tabernacles is being held. Also on hand to speak will be Canon Andrew White, known as the ‘Vicar of Baghdad,’ an Anglican cleric who has become the leading voice of the battered Christians of Iraq.

Later on Monday evening, Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin along with Lauder will deliver greetings to the mass Christian gathering for the biblical festival of Sukkot. The audience will include some two dozen parliamentarians from around the globe who are attending the yearly Chairmen's Conference of the Israel Allies Foundation, an interparliamentary forum of pro-Israel legislators.

The lawmakers also are expected to speak out against the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, among other issues to be addressed by the Chairmen’s Conference.

Feast Press Conference                                   President Reuven Rivlin appearance at Feast
Monday, 13 October at 1:30 PM                   Monday, 13 October at 8:00 PM
East Foyer, Jerusalem Pais Arena                  Main Auditorium, Jerusalem Pais Arena
To attend either event, or for more information…
Contact: David Parsons, ICEJ Media Director
Email:; Cell:  052 381 6214

ICEJ to welcome group of Ukrainian Jews at Ben-Gurion on Sunday

On Sunday, 4 May 2014, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem will be sponsoring the flights of a group of 19 Ukrainian Jews making aliyah to Israel due to the on-going crisis in The Ukraine. Arranged through the Jewish Agency, the arriving group includes three families and three single women who are part of a significant increase in Ukrainian Jewish immigration to Israel this year in order to escape the unrest of recent months.

Responding to an urgent request from the Jewish Agency, the ICEJ has been raising funds from Christians worldwide over recent weeks and has already collected enough donations to cover the flights to Israel for an initial 100 Ukrainian Jews. This is the first group sponsored by the Christian Embassy that will be arriving in Israel.

Anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi groups were already on the rise in The Ukraine even before the current political crisis erupted, and many Jews no longer feel safe there and are preparing to leave for Israel. The Jewish Agency reported recently that the number of Jews making aliyah from Ukraine has already doubled so far this year compared to 2013.

Over recent decades the Christian Embassy has assisted more than 115,000 Jews in making aliyah to Israel, including at least 42,000 Jews from Ukraine. Some of these earlier Ukrainian Jewish immigrants were courageously evacuated by volunteer Christians from conflict zones, such as during the fighting in the Transnistria region along the disputed border with Moldova in 1992.

"The unfolding crisis in Ukraine has meant an even more uncertain future for the Jewish community there, and we have acted swiftly once again to bring needy and endangered Jews home from this troubled region. It will be a privilege for our staff to welcome this first group home on Sunday," said Dr. Jürgen Bühler, ICEJ Executive Director.

ICEJ Delivers bomb shelters to Gaza border towns amid rocket war

On Thursday (10 July), the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem delivered two portable bomb shelters to the community of Kfar Aza along the Gaza border, which has been repeatedly targeted by Hamas rocket attacks over recent days. The delivery of the shelters came the day after an art school for the community’s children suffered a direct hit by a Kassam rocket from Gaza.

The ICEJ’s Executive Director, Dr. Jürgen Bühler, was on hand today for the shelter deliveries as a show of solidarity with the farming village, whose 750 residents have endured hundreds of rocket and mortar barrages over the past decade. The new shelters will serve the kibbutz dining hall and its youth center.

“The Christian Embassy is committed to helping those Israeli communities under the greatest rocket threat to find shelter and weather this storm,” said Bühler. “It was a great feeling to be able to quickly supply these two new mobile bomb shelters for our embattled friends in Kfar Aza, and we are as grateful as they are for the Christians around the world who made it possible.”

Over the past seven years, the ICEJ has provided more than 40 portable bomb shelters to Israeli communities along the Gaza border suffering under frequent Hamas rocket attacks. The Christian Embassy is currently raising emergency funds from Christians worldwide to cover the costs for more bomb shelters and to meet the urgent social needs of those under the greatest rocket threat in the Gaza periphery.

This latest shelter delivery is the result of an urgent request received by the ICEJ on Tuesday from former MK Shai Hermesh for bomb shelters for his home kibbutz of Kfar Aza. Many residents were in the community dining hall for breakfast that morning when the Code Red siren went off five separate times, with rockets falling all around. But the dining hall does not have any bomb shelter, leaving everyone in distress. So Hermesh contacted the ICEJ with a request for help. The Christian Embassy immediately ordered two portable bomb shelters, which were delivered today.


1)  The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem delivered two mobile bomb shelters to Kfar Aza on Thursday, one day after the community's art school for children suffered a direct rocket hit from Hamas in nearby Gaza.

2)  ICEJ executive director Dr. Jürgen Bühler (center), former MK Shai Hermesh (left), and Operation Lifeshield director Shmuel Bowman were on hand on Thursday for the delivery of two mobile bomb shelters to the embattled community of Kfar Aza.

3)  Inside the Kfar Aza children's art school damaged by a direct Kassam rocket hit from Gaza on Wednesday.

David Parsons, ICEJ Media Director
Cell:  052 381 6214

The ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles has a New Home – The Jerusalem Pais Arena

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is pleased to announce that our annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration will have a new home this coming October 10-15, as we will be moving the week-long event to the brand new Jerusalem Pais Arena, near Malha mall.

For the past 33 years, the ICEJ has hosted its Feast gathering in the Jerusalem Convention Center, drawing thousands of Christians each year for a dynamic celebration of this biblical festival when the nations are welcomed in Jerusalem. This year, however, the ICEJ’s Feast will be held in the ultra-modern Pais Arena, which was inaugurated last week by Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat.

With 11,600 seats on eight levels, along with special seating galleries and executive boxes plus a massive center LED screen, Barkat described the Arena as “the most advanced, state-of-the-art venue of its kind in the Middle East.”

Mayor Barkat has been particularly encouraging about moving the Feast of Tabernacles to the new Arena, offering the Christian Embassy the privilege of hosting the first major international gathering in the new facility.

Coming on the heels of the recent Gaza conflict, the ICEJ’s Feast 2014 will also be a huge statement of solidarity with Israel by the thousands of Christians expected to show up for the festival.

“Our move to this new facility in Jerusalem is a very exciting development which will allow us to further grow the Feast of Tabernacles,” said Dr. Jürgen Bühler, ICEJ Executive Director. “We believe that in the years to come, this new hall will be filled every Sukkot with even more pro-Israel Christians from around the globe. So this is a thrilling moment for the city of Jerusalem and for our ministry.”

This year’s Feast schedule includes the traditional Israeli Guest Night, when the event is opened up to thousands of Israelis to enjoy a musical program geared for a Jewish audience. On Tuesday evening, 14 October, Israelis can enjoy their first experience in the new Arena along with their Christian friends from around the world, featuring special performances by Israeli and foreign artists.

For more information, contact:  David Parsons, ICEJ Media Director; Email:; Cell:  052 381 6214


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