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East Germany: The Other Side of the Wall

A German's Perspective of life on the East side of Germany

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What was it like to be a believer in the time of Germany's division? And what was it like to live on the East side of the Berlin Wall during that time?

Join ICEJ President, Dr. Juergen Buehler as he traveled to Saxony, Germany to discover what life was like for those living on the East side of Germany when the Berlin Wall was dividing the nation. Pastor Wilfried Gotter shares his personal experience of what it was like to live in the harsh political and social climate of East Germany, the relationship to West Germany and how God united and began to heal the nation of Germany through prayer

As you watch this video, we hope that you will be inspired to pray for God to move in supernatural ways in your own nation!

Also, to see what life was like on the West side of the wall, you can watch this video!

We also invite you to read more about how God is healing nations through His people praying! I want to read more!


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