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Envision 2015

ICEJ pastors and leaders conference in Jerusalem

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We are living in exciting times! The Spirit of God is moving in unprecedented ways around the world, calling millions of people to repentance every single year. Never before has the Church seen a time when the preaching of the Gospel changed so many lives as today. Even in the Middle East, which has been shaken by so much unrest, we hear reports of an unrivaled move of God among the Arabs churches.

At the same time we see the restoration of the State of Israel, with the Jewish people returning back to their ancestral homeland after 2000 years of dispersion. From an agricultural, pioneering country, Israel has emerged today as a global leader in hi-tech, economics and science. And the best is still to come – God has promised to pour out the Spirit of Grace and Supplication upon His chosen people. Many prophets of old desired to see the things that we are witnessing in our day.

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has had the privilege to be involved both with the move of God around the world through our international branches in more than 70 countries, and to be actively engaged in the modern restoration of Israel through our global headquarters here in Jerusalem. At this unique time in history, we felt to call Christian leaders to Jerusalem to receive a fresh and prophetic perspective on the time we live in and to equip them for pursuing their own calling.

During this conference, you will have the opportunity to connect with Messianic and Arab pastors and church leaders from around the world. You will also receive ministry insights from Ingolf Ellsel, chairman of the Pentecostal Movement in Europe and chairman of the ICEJ's International Board of Directors. In addition, you will receive exclusive briefings from key national leaders of the State of Israel. But most importantly, we expect God’s Spirit to visit us all with His regenerating presence!

Take a step back from your daily responsibilities and receive a ‘bird’s eye view’ on what God is doing around the world and in Israel today. It will be a time during which God can strengthen and envision you afresh for the calling He has placed upon your life and ministry.
Please prayerfully consider attending and receiving what God has for you at this unique time in history.

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