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Happy New Year - Preparing the Way 2020!

New Year 2020

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Happy New Year from Jerusalem! The ICEJ is deeply grateful for each one of you standing with us and Israel through 2019! This video will take you on a journey through 2019, and give just a taste of what God has done the past 12 months!

As the ICEJ looks ahead to 2020, celebrates 40 years of comforting God's people, and preparing the way for His work in the land of Israel, we set aside January as a month of prayer and fasting to seek God's will in the coming year. We invite you to join us by determining set times to seek the Lord through prayer and fasting, to prepare the way for His work in your heart. 

May this year of 2020 be one of partnering together all around the world to prepare the way for our Messiah.

Support the work of the ICEJ in this upcoming year!


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