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Faith Undiminished.

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Yoram survived the holocaust because his mother fled with him when he was for years old ahead of the German invasion into the Ukraine and for years they lived in great hardship.


Yoram grew to be a gentleman with integrity and with a knowledge and love for God’s instructions in the Torah, keeping them strictly. He had begun to do this after the Iron Curtain lifted off his native Ukraine and at last there was the freedom to live a Jewish life. He could live that life even more fully in Israel, but, for the last four years, Yoram, who valued independence greatly, has been connected to a respirator. His spirit is keen, he has a good memory, does not complain and does not ask ‘why.’ He is a thinker. On the days of Homecare's visit his wife who visits him regularly is able to rest at home because she is also seriously ill. It’s an effort for him to talk but how much he enjoys a small chat about the news and the weather. Caregiver Corrie does a part of the physical care and helps with his lunch because of the difficulty that Yoram has to swallow. There is always time to read a Psalm to him and listen he pronounces the Aaronic blessing, over his wife, his son and daughter-in-law and the seven grandchildren. He suffers greatly but his eager appreciation of these weekly visits, his faith in the face of his circumstances, gives back a blessing to the work of Homecare.


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