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A Holiday through Homecare

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As a little child, Victoria had suffered the effects of living with alcoholic parents until she was taken from them and put into an orphanage in a country where orphanages are notoriously most unpleasant environments for children. Victoria says however, “It was like heaven to me!” a statement which only emphasized the conditions into which she was born. Following her marriage to Boris, she slowly came to share his faith in God, a faith that had infuriated his atheist father.


This faith has carried them through very difficult circumstances and they have never lost their hope in God. Following their aliyah to Israel, Boris found work as a security guard, but the salary cannot cover all the needs of his large family which includes three children who are sadly, mentally challenged. Life indeed has brought a lot of hardship and heartache. Therefore, a monthly basket of groceries accompanied by a loving visit from ICEJ’s Homecare for several years, has been received with much thankfulness. Vacations were out of the question for this family. Then, Victoria heard of an opportunity for families to enjoy a few days with other families beside the sea. How she longed for her and husband and three younger children to be there. Homecare nurse heard of the longed for treat, knew about the difficult life the family lived and made a decision. The funds were found and the family had a memorable and precious break from everyday life.


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