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Bless Israel Over the Holidays

Show love at the end of the year

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Holiday lights

During Hanukkah and Christmas the ICEJ looks to bring comfort and encouragement to the people of the Holy Land. Each year, we reach out to Arab Christian communities in the renowned biblical towns of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Nazareth. As many Christians around the world reflect on the beginning of Jesus’ life in these cities, we want to be there to remind the residents of their Redeemer.

In partnership with local Arab pastors and churches, the ICEJ will sponsor holiday gatherings and distribute Christmas gifts to many deserving Christian families. The children in Bethlehem and Nazareth will receive Christmas packages which include clothing and toys.

Your gift today will help us bless the needy Christian families in Jerusalem and Nazareth with food coupons, so they can celebrate together around a Christmas meal.

With your support, we will also bring holiday cheer to holocaust survivors and others in the Jewish community as they celebrate the joy and light of Hanukkah.

Please partner with us to bring comfort and joy to those who need our love and encouragement!  


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