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Commemorative Medallion Plaque

This is a framed replica of the insignia worn by the Zion Mule Corps, which was commanded by Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson.  He was an Irish Protestant and a British officer during WWI.  He took charge of the Zion Mule Corps - the first organized Jewish fighting force nearly two millennia ago.  This unit fought in the Palestine campaign and after the war, its core membes formed t...

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Educational and teaching resources

  • $9.99
    Feast with God Coffee Mug.  White ceramic with light blue stripes and a dark maroon circle encasing the words "Feast With God, in Jerusalem since 1980".  The lettering is light...
  • $9.99
    Feast Coffee Mug.  White ceramic with orange banner and lettering "Feast, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem"
  • $25.00
    This plate commemorates the ICEJ's 30th Anniversary.  Hardcover storage box included.  Dimensions of the plate are 15 X 15cm. 
  • $8.00
    "Born into a Muslim family in Uganda, raised to be a Muslim leader, found love and truth in Jesus Christ.  Now preaches the gospel and teaches love for Israel, but paying the price..."...
  • $29.00
    "This is the story of the many people who returned to Nazareth, the city of their birth, opened restaurants and bars, and whose enthusiasm and courtesy have ushered in a new, fresh breath of air...
  • $10.00
    This Nativity scene was handmade in Bethlehem and carved out of olive wood.  Some of the bark of the tree has been kept onto the more polished wood to make a unique look and appeal.
  • $16.00
    This unique nativity scene was made in Bethlehem.  The branch was cut and then carved into with the nativity scene so that it retains the shape of the tree branch.
  • $15.00
    These Christmas ornaments were handmade in Bethlehem.  A bell shape with it carved just enough inside to put in the manger scene. The larger bell is about 9cm (3 1/2") and the smaller bell...
  • $115.00
    This is a framed replica of the insignia worn by the Zion Mule Corps, which was commanded by Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson.  He was an Irish Protestant and a British officer during WWI.  He...
  • $9.99
    ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles 2014 celebration coffee mug.  White ceramic mug with black lettering "Restoration, Feast of Tabernacles 2014"
  • $39.00
    The Jerusalem compass was developed in Jerusalem and is patented in the US. Instead of pointing north, it points only in the direction of Jerusalem from any point on the globe. Fashioned from...
  • $20.00
    "It all began in the old neighborhoods of Jerusalem, mainly in the old city.  Jerusalem cuisine was a cuisine of a closed space, of ashkenzi jews, sephardic jews and arabs who learned from...

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