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AG: Netanyahu Does Not Have to Resign Immediately

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26 Nov 2019
AG: Netanyahu Does Not Have to Resign Immediately
Israel’s Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit gave a legal opinion on Monday that effectively repudiates all the arguments made by those who are attempting to force incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu out of office immediately following his indictment last Thursday on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Nevertheless, a rally is being organized for Tuesday evening at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art to support Netanyahu against what he has described as a “coup attempt” by Mandelblit as well as State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan and the national police force.

“The rule of law must be equal, so what happened to me and to others should not happen,” Netanyahu said at a meeting with Likud mayors on Monday. “The citizens of Israel know that they should decide who will be prime minister. It is the essence of democracy that it is the majority that rules and it cannot be stopped elsewhere. Everything that is broken must be investigated. We still have a mission of forming a unity government if possible. Contacts have not stopped; they are taking place. This is necessary for reasons I cannot explain. There are immediate challenges that are not small.”

Leaders of other Knesset factions expressed their outrage at the rally and at Netanyahu’s conduct in general in public statements throughout the day on Tuesday.

Archeologists Continue to Unveil Church of Glorious Martyr
The Israel Antiquities Authority have continued unveiling their findings from a dig at the Byzantine-era “Church of the Glorious Martyr” site in Beit Shemesh. “The whole reason for the existence of this place is for the nameless martyr,” said Benjamin Storchan, director of excavation for the IAA. “It is an archaeological mystery. You can look to pilgrimage accounts of people who traveled to the Holy Land, [and there are] thousands of lists of martyrs…who died in early Christian times. We can’t yet associate this church with one specific martyr.”

Archeologists have dated the construction of the original church structure to the reign of Emperor Justinian in the 6th century CE (527-565). It underwent extensive expansion beginning in 583 AD under the patronage of Emperor Tiberius II Constantine (574-582 AD).

Here is a video about the church

Israel Blesses the World
Innovation:Africa, an organization with branches in Israel and the US, was one of three recipients of the 2019 InnoDip Award for innovative diplomacy for their efforts to bring Israel’s technological solutions in the fields of solar power, water and agriculture to rural villages in Africa. In related news, TIME magazine featured two Israeli-developed products in their recent feature about the Best Inventions of 2019. The two inventions were Watergen’s condenser units which collect vapor and turn it into drinkable water and OrCam Technologies MyEye2 “talking glasses.”

Here is a video about other ways Israel is blessing the world


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