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Al Qaida in Syria gaining ground near Israeli border

Christians who refuse to convert to Islam reportedly crucified

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13 May 2014
Al Qaida in Syria gaining ground near Israeli border

Israel’s monitoring of the Golan Heights border got a little more urgent this week as it was reported that The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a terrorist militia so violent it has even been disowned by the Al-Qaida organization which spawned it, has killed off more rival rebels than the soldiers loyal to Syria’s Assad regime, and is rapidly consolidating a large swath of territory from south-central Syria to the heartland of Anbar province in Iraq. Meanwhile, the Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaida’s recognized franchise in Syria, has taken control of most of the territory along the Jordanian border and is inching closer to controlling the border with Israel. However, the actions of these groups have angered many Syrians, who protest that they never invited Al-Qaida into their country to take part in their revolution against the regime and don’t want them there. The group has also been accused of publicly executing its enemies, including by crucifying and/or beheading Christians who refuse to convert to Islam.

ISIL issued another unpopular decree in the territory under its control on Monday when it banned the use of mannequins in shop displays and the sale of women’s underwear to male customers. The decree also mandates that men and women are not allowed to shop together unless they are members of an immediate nuclear family.


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