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Arab League Summit Affirms Support for Two-State Solution

Analysts weigh in on risks and highlights

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30 Mar 2017
Arab League Summit Affirms Support for Two-State Solution
The 28th Arab League Summit concluded in Jordan on Wednesday, issuing a concluding statement endorsing the “two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as warning world governments not to move their embassies to Jerusalem and to “respect all UN Security Council resolutions” regarding Israel. Several of the Arab leaders who participated in the Summit are scheduled to meet US President Donald Trump in the coming weeks, with Palestinian leaders declaring that they will convey the concluding statement with “one voice” to the US Administration.

Jordanian King Abdullah and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas both had sharp words of criticism for Israel during the conference, saying among other things that its policy of building in West Bank settlements is the main reason peace has not yet been achieved.

Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz commented that resolutions passed during the Summit reflected the broad range of issues facing the Arab world, which includes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but is not dominated by it as it once was.

In related news, Israel’s security cabinet was scheduled to be briefed on Thursday on recent moves by the Trump Administration aimed at revitalizing long-dormant negotiations with the Palestinians. Jason Greenblatt, US President Donald Trump’s special representative for international negotiations, was at the recent Arab League Summit as an observer and has been leading the Administration’s efforts regarding Israel and the Palestinians. He is reported to have held many meetings with Washington’s Arab allies on the sidelines of the Summit regarding this and many other issues.

Here is a video which discusses the relevant issues



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