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Egyptian Brokered Cease-Fire Holds on Gaza Border

Haley Defends Israel at UN

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31 May 2018 (All day)
Egyptian Brokered Cease-Fire Holds on Gaza Border
Reports emerged late Wednesday that Egypt had assisted in brokering a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas following nearly two days of rocket/mortar attacks into Israel and Israeli retaliatory strikes on terrorist infrastructure in the Strip. “One thing is clear: When they test us, they pay immediately,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared. “And if they continue testing us, they will pay dearly.” It is “the Hamas regime, Islamic Jihad and the other terrorist organizations, inspired by Iran, that are responsible for the escalation,” he added. “Since yesterday, the IDF has strongly retaliated against the firing from the Gaza Strip and has hit dozens of terrorist targets in the severest blow we have given them in years. I salute the fighters of the IDF and the security forces, and I commend the resilience of the residents of the South.”

“We attacked high-value targets that we have waited a long time for the opportunity [to attack],” OC Southern Command Maj.-Gen. Eyal Zamir said on Wednesday, adding that “at this point in time, it was a very great achievement, when we look at the general context. On the other hand, we have to say that there are quite a few barrages that were fired at our outposts. Most of the rockets were intercepted by Iron Dome or fell in open areas. Yet we have managed to deeply deter the terrorist organizations and Hamas, and, as I said at the beginning, they don’t want to go on a broad [military] campaign.”

Meanwhile, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley accused the world body of having a “double standard” regarding Gaza in a speech before the Security Council on Wednesday, saying that the attacks on Israel received a desultory response in comparison to Israel’s reaction to border riots in recent weeks which were roundly condemned. She also responded to an idea floated by Kuwait to deploy UN peacekeeping troops to defend Gaza against Israel by saying "The people of Gaza do not need protection from an external force. The people of Gaza need protection from Hamas."

"It is outrageous for the Security Council to fail to condemn Hamas rockets attacks against Israeli civilians," Haley said. "You would think no one would want to side with Hamas over its rocket launches. But the statement was blocked. Apparently some council members didn't think Hamas launching rockets qualified as terrorism (but) the United States begs to differ."


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