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Election Rhetoric Heating Up Across Political Spectrum

Gantz Laments Change He Sees in Netanyahu

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20 Mar 2019
Election Rhetoric Heating Up Across Political Spectrum
Blue and White candidate for prime minister Benny Gantz gave interviews with different media outlets Tuesday evening in which he said, among other things, that he would “work to shape a new reality” between Israel and the Palestinians if he is elected on 9 April. However, he added that he didn’t believe there was any partner for peace among the Palestinian factions. “This is far away, unfortunately,” he told Channel 12 anchorwoman Yonit Levi. “There isn’t anyone to talk to.”

“I said that in the situation that was created, I cannot sit with Netanyahu,” he added during his interview with Channel 13 anchorwoman Tamar Ish-Shalom. “The situation has only gotten worse. I will not sit with Netanyahu. The only thing that could change that is if the situation changes in the [prime minister’s legal] hearing, and I unfortunately do not see that happening…I don’t know what happened to the man. The Netanyahu I see now is not the Netanyahu I knew.”

During another interview, he pointedly attacked Netanyahu over the issue of submarines which were purchased from a German shipyard for the Israeli Navy, prompting a response from Netanyahu during his own campaign visit to the West Bank community of Shiloh in which he said, “I have not received even one shekel from the submarine deal. The state attorney and attorney-general’s offices examined every detail of this matter and unequivocally determined that I am not suspected of anything – and that there was nothing wrong with my actions…I understand that [Blue and White leaders] Gantz and [Yair] Lapid are very stressed, to say the least, from Iran hacking Gantz’s phone – so they are trying to distract from it.”

“It doesn’t surprise me that they have such bad judgment,” the prime minister said. “Because they both supported the disastrous nuclear deal [between world powers and Iran], which I fought – and happily, together with President Trump, we see a change in direction in the US as well. But they didn’t understand that, and I think they don’t understand it to this day.”

Here is a video about Israel’s upcoming elections from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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