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European Governments Set to Grant Iran Sanctions Relief

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31 Jan 2019 (All day)
European Governments Set to Grant Iran Sanctions Relief
The governments of Germany, France, and Britain announced this week that they will soon put into effect a mechanism to allow companies based in their countries to circumvent US sanctions on Iran. The so-called special-purpose vehicle (SPV) will use various channels including bartering and is expected to be put into effect by Friday, despite recent declerations by various European governments and the EU that Iran’s support for terrorism in their countries and its ballistic missile program were “areas of concern.”

In related news, Iran’s President Hassan Rohani made a speech during a ceremony Wednesday to honor the late founder of the Islamic republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, addressing the Iranian people as a whole and saying they should blame America for the economic hardships they are suffering from, not his government.
Here is a video about Iran’s export of precision missiles to Lebanon

Ethiopian Community Holds Protest Against Police
Several thousand members of Israel’s Ethiopian community and their supporters turned out for a demonstration in Tel Aviv Wednesday evening to protest what event organizers said was a pattern of racism and brutality by the police against members of the community. The protest was triggered by an incident earlier this month in which a 24-year old Ethiopian man named Yehuda Biadga was shot dead by police when he charged at them during a confrontation. His parents said he was suffering from mental illness and several commentators questioned if a young white man acting in a similar way would automatically be shot by police.

The demonstration, which was mostly peaceful until the very end when a handful of demonstrators clashed with police resulting in several injuries and arrests, included a march from the Azrieli Junction to Rabin Square, with some protesters also walking out onto the Ayalon Highway to block traffic. Chants were heard at the demonstration including “violent cops belong in prison” and calling on Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan to “go home.” However, several speakers made a point of saying they loved and supported their country while demanding reforms in the police.

Israel Blesses the World 
The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) launched a project this week in partnership with Israeli firms SOSA and Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) with the goal of turning New York City into a world leader in the field of cybersecurity and creating thousands of jobs in both NYC and Israel. “This initiative makes the US market even more accessible for Israel’s export-oriented cyber industry,” SOSA CEO Uzi Scheffer told the Jerusalem Post. “It’s good for the Israeli economy to accelerate exports, and we believe this supports New York’s strategy to see companies land in the city, and grow naturally and create jobs.”

Florida State Government Recognizes Jerusalem
The government of the US State of Florida issued a proclamation this week declaring the city of Jerusalem to be the “eternal and undivided capital” of Israel. “We have made it clear that we stand with our closest ally in the Middle East. I too believe in standing strong with our friend and partner and ally,” said Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis. “As a state we must continue to demonstrate our broad and deep support of our ally and economic partner by implementing pro-Israel policies. Today we declare to the world that Florida stands united with Israel.”

IDF Soldiers Indicted for Allegedly Beating Terror Suspects
Five soldiers from the IDF’s ultra-Orthodox Netzah Yehuda Battalion were indicted on Thursday for an incident in which they allegedly beat two Palestinian men who had been arrested and had been restrained by handcuffs and blindfolded. The alleged incident occurred during a search by the IDF for terrorists suspected of murdering Israeli civilians during which friends of the indicted soldiers had been killed and wounded.


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