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"The decision to move FTV to Israel is primarily for financial reasons," said Michel Adam, FTV CEO. "Until now, we've broadcast to Asia from Paris. I realized it would be much cheaper to broadcast the channel to Asia from Beersheeva. Israel is the most important country in Asia."

Adam, one of the most powerful names in the world of fashion, plans the relocation of FTV's technical offices by September. The station's administrative offices will eventually be transferred either to Herzliya or Tel Aviv.

"Michel Adam is a proud Jew. I understand that he feels happy in Israel, and that he is hopeful for calmer times between Israelis and the Palestinians," a FTV spokeswoman said. "He sees potential here. He believes in the people in Israel. I think this helped in his decision to move FTV offices here."

Begun in 1997, FTV is aired in 130 countries and has about 600 million viewers. The facility in Beersheva will broadcast the channel to Asia where there are about 275 million viewers.

Israelis believe the move will still help boost the economy and other industries.

"It's important to note that the move is a strategic one," said Alon Miller, CEO of Talit Productions, the company responsible for the FTV in Israel. "The station being here will help raise the profile of fashion in Israel."

Betty Rockaway, owner of Image, Israel's biggest model agency, hopes FTV's presence will boost Israeli models and attract fashion photographers to do their shoots in Israel.


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