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Hebron Shooting Incident Sparks Fiery Debate in Israel

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28 Mar 2016 (All day)
Hebron Shooting Incident Sparks Fiery Debate in Israel
Israel’s political scene was rocked over the weekend following an incident in Hebron which saw an IDF soldier shoot and kill an apparently subdued Palestinian terrorist who had minutes before participated in a knife attack on other soldiers. The soldier was immediately arrested and an investigation was launched, with various voices from the political, social and media realms rising to either denounce the soldier’s action or to defend him. The preliminary IDF investigation concluded that the soldier, from the IDF’s Kfir Brigade, acted without orders. However, the investigation also faulted officers on the scene for not giving medical aid to the wounded terrorist, as is standard procedure in such circumstances.
“The IDF is a moral army that does not execute people,” he Prime Minister Netanyahu wrote on Facebook Saturday everning. “IDF soldiers have absorbed with their bodies the terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens and deserve support. I trust the IDF will conduct a thorough, responsible and fair investigation, as it always does.”
However, the incident has set off a heated discussion among Israeli political leaders as well as senior IDF officers, veterans groups and parents of IDF soldiers who worry that their children might someday face a similar situation.


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