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Herzog Warns of Mass US Aliyah Over Anti-Semitic Surge

Knesset Colleagues Disagree with Severe Tone

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28 Feb 2017
Herzog Warns of Mass US Aliyah Over Anti-Semitic Surge
Opposition leader Isaac Herzog issued a statement during an address to his Zionist Union faction on Monday, demanding that the government make preparations for a potential surge in immigration from the United States amidst a continuing escalation of anti-Semitic incidents there. The statement was so strident that associates of Herzog felt the need to explain that Herzog was not calling on American Jews to flee the US for Israel anytime soon.

"I want to express my shock and strong condemnation for the outbreak of incidents of anti-Semitism in the United States, France and other places around the world," Herzog said. "I call upon the government of Israel to urgently prepare a national emergency plan for the possibility that we will see waves of immigration of our brothers to Israel."

Jewish Agency Spokesman Avi Mayer responded to Herzog by declaring that “Neither our data nor our field professionals indicate an impending wave of aliya from the United States."

This comment was echoed by the leaders of other organizations which assist in Aliyah efforts, while some MK’s in other parties criticized Herzog for fostering a false narrative about the situation regarding America’s Jewish community.

However, even as Herzog spoke, a fifth wave of phony bomb threats were phoned in to Jewish community centers and day schools across the US, targeting ten facilities in total and forcing evacuations and extra security measures in each location.

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