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IDF Exchanges Fire with Assad Regime Forces

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23 Oct 2017 (All day)
IDF Exchanges Fire with Assad Regime Forces
The IDF carried out retaliatory strikes last week against positions occupied by Assad regime forces on the Syrian side of the border after stray fire from those positions landed inside Israeli territory on the Golan Heights. An IDF statement said, it ''will not tolerate any attempt to harm the sovereignty of the State of Israel and the security of its residents.'' At the same time, an Israeli statement issued in Arabic and posted on the internet warned Syrians that the Assad regime was acting irresponsibly by allowing such incidents to occur. Meanwhile, the Assad regime sent official letters to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Saturday accusing Israel of attacking it without reason, adding "Israel asked terrorists to launch projectiles at its own territory, so it could justify its own attack."

IDF Leader in Washington for Anti-Terrorism Conference
IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot will be in Washington DC this week for a counterterrorism conference which will also be attended by chiefs of staff from 43 US allies and various senior US military officers. “During the visit, the chief of staff will hold working meetings with US security and military officials, as well as a series of meetings with foreign chiefs of staff, in which they will discuss shared challenges, regional and security developments in the Middle East and military cooperation,” read a statement by the IDF.

University Studies Begin in Israel
309,871 students began the fall semester at Israel’s 62 institutions of higher learning on Sunday.  President Reuven Rivlin visited Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba in honor of the occasion, telling students “The University is where the essential connections between (different sectors of Israeli society) will be formed. We will be unable to preserve the State of Israel’s prosperity, to protect it, to compete in world markets, if its future generations, you, do not know how to study together, work together and lead together.”

The festive day was clouded, however, by ongoing strikes by lecturers at several universities and growing evidence that Israeli students are less satisfied with their overall experience than in previous years.

US Supports Israeli Position on PA-Hamas Reconciliation
A senior Trump Administration official said on Sunday that it “will take time” to produce a lasting peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, following meetings in Cairo between US Middle East negotiator Jason Greenblatt and Egyptian officials who have been working to mediate between Palestinian factions to produce a united front against Israel. Meanwhile, leaders of the Islamist terror militia Hamas made headlines by issuing statements that they will not cave into pressure from Egypt and the US to moderate their positions, saying instead that they will double down on their past efforts to utterly destroy the Jewish State.

The US has supported Israel’s position that it will not enter into negotiations with the Palestinian Authority as long as it insists on moving ahead with plans to merge with Hamas unless the group recognizes Israel, stops terrorism, disarms and cuts its ties with Iran.

Hamas’ leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, responded by declaring that “The discussion is no longer about recognizing Israel but about wiping Israel out.” He also added that that Hamas would agree to disarm “when Satan enters paradise.” Iran responded with warm praise for Hamas, raising the possibility of deeper tensions with Egypt and the PA, both of which see Iran as a regional threat.

Israel and Germany Sign MOU on Submarines
Reports surfaced on Monday that the governments of Israel and Germany have signed an official Memorandum of Understanding regarding Israel's purchase of three high-tech U-232 submarines, despite lingering questions about corrupt practices by Israeli officials surrounding the negotiations over the sale. Berlin is paying 27% of the costs of building the submarines in a similar arrangement to Israel's purchase of German submarines in the past.

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