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Internal Disputes Costing Israeli Left Voter Support

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3 Jan 2019
Internal Disputes Costing Israeli Left Voter Support
Israel’s raucous political debate intensified even further on Thursday morning when longtime Labor party activist and member of the outgoing Knesset Eitan Cabel gave an interview on Army Radio in which he suggested that party chairman Avi Gabbay should quit his position. "In the business world, he would have returned the keys a long time ago," Cabel said. "We can't let the Labor Party perish." Meanwhile, fresh polls showed the Zionist Union faction losing support among likely voters. Elsewhere, reports emerged throughout the day that an internal effort within the rank and file of the Zionist Union to oust Gabbay as Party leader were gaining support.

Iran’s ‘Moderate’ President Meets with PIJ Leader
Reports emerged in the Iranian media this week that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani met with the Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Ziad al-Nakhala in Tehran on Tuesday, telling his guest among other things that “The Zionist regime, thanks to support from the new rulers of the White House, is seeking to assert control over the entire region; and Palestine is a part of such a complex plot.” al-Nakhala is reported to have dutifully replied that “Iran’s support and principled policies have played a major role in thwarting attempts aimed at stripping the Palestinian nation of their rights.”
Here is a video about internal politics in Iran

Amona Outpost Evacuation Turns Violent
An attempt by the border police to enforce a court-ordered eviction of two structures recently erected on the site of the former West Bank Amona outpost on the outskirts of the Ofra settlement turned into a violent melee Thursday morning, with twenty three officers and many more civilians suffering injuries while at least two people were arrested. The incident was quickly seized on by various political factions who asserted that it proved the superiority of their proposed policies over the existing policies of incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Palestinian Factions Engage in War of Words
The Palestinian Islamist terror militia Hamas and the Fatah party which dominates the Palestinian Authority have engaged in a heated exchange of rhetorical threats and insults over recent days, amidst a rash of arrests and detentions by activists from both groups by the other in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Many analysts opined that the war of words meant it was unlikely that reconciliation efforts would bear fruit anytime soon.

Today's video gives a report on Hezbollah's connextion with Latin American drug cartels


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