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Iran Convinced Russia Gave Israel Air Defense Codes

Netanyahu Says Israel Will Continue to Strike Hezbollah in Syria

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22 Mar 2017
Iran Convinced Russia Gave Israel Air Defense Codes
Iranian officials issued furious statements against the Kremlin on Tuesday, accusing their erstwhile allies of providing Israel with computer codes enabling Israeli jets to avoid Syrian anti-aircraft missiles fired at them during last Friday’s strikes on Hezbollah targets. According to a report in a Kuwaiti newspaper this week, this is the only explanation the Iranian experts can think of for why the Russian-built air defense systems have consistently failed to protect Syrian airspace from Israeli incursions.

According to the report, the Russian-built, Syrian operated S-300 system is supposed to be able to track the Israeli aircraft from the minute they take off from their bases in Israel and engage them at almost any time after that. But Israel has hit Hezbollah targets in Syria dozens of times over the last six years without the S-300 performing as it is designed to do. The report added that sources in the Iranian defense industry are working on building their own domestic copy of the S-300 which would not have the same codes as the Russian models which they believe their own Russian allies compromised to the Israelis’ benefit.

The source said that "the Syrian radar treated Israeli fighter jets as friendly planes in the past and not as enemy planes, which proves that Israel knew the codes of the missile system." The source added that Iranian computer engineers are attempting to hack into the Russian computers in the Syrian S-300 system and changing the codes so that the Israeli Air Force won’t be able to defeat them any longer.

In related news, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters in Beijing on Tuesday that the Israeli government had “clarified” to the Kremlin that it would continue to strike Hezbollah targets in Syria.


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