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Iran Defiantly Tests Another Ballistic Missile

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9 May 2016
Iran Defiantly Tests Another Ballistic Missile
An Iranian military official announced Monday that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) recently tested a medium-range ballistic missile with a range that would allow it to target Israel. The test was the latest in a series which several world governments say are a violation of UN Security Council Resolutions and the JCPOA nuclear deal signed last year, but Iranian officials have dismissed these statements as technically incorrect and irrelevant. In related news, Iranian officials admitted over the weekend that several Iranian soldiers have been killed while supporting the Assad regime in battles in and around Aleppo, the most active battlefield in Syria’s ongoing, multi-dimensional civil war.
London’s New Mayor Seeks to Preempt Detractors
The ongoing controversy over revelations of anti-Semitism in the UK’s Labor Party took another turn Friday as Labor candidate Sadiq Khan, a Moslem man born to Pakistani immigrants, won the election to be the next Mayor of London. Khan, who was accused during the election by his opponents of being a friend of terrorists and an enabler of Islamic extremist elements in the UK, made a point on Sunday of attending a Holocaust Memorial Day event and issuing a statement disavowing many of his past statements and associations and declaring his determination to be the mayor for all of London’s residents.
Egyptian Moslem Authority Denounces IS
Dar al-Ifta, a major official Egyptian Moslem institution, issued a fatwa over the weekend declaring the Islamic State (IS) terror militia to be in “violation of Sharia” laws over its practice of harvesting organs from prisoners, often while the victim is still alive, for sale on the international black market. Meanwhile, IS claimed responsibility for a weekend attack in Egypt which killed 8 police officers.
UN Flatly Rejects Netanyahu’s Educational Seminar
The Office or Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday invited the UN’s staff in Israel for an academic lecture on the connection of the Jewish Nation to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem following a recent resolution passed by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) denying that any such connection exists. The UN responded by issuing a statement flatly stating it is “not interested” in the idea.
IDF Believes Gaza Border Area Returning to Tense Calm
Senior IDF officers and defense officials reportedly believe that the flare-up of kinetic activity on the border with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip has run its course, following a weekend which saw a downturn in rocket fire into Israel and subsequent retaliatory airstrikes. In related news, Israel has begun demonstrating its tunnel-detection technology to security and military forces of the US and other allies.
Accused Soldier Gets Initial Pre-Trial Hearing
Elor Azaria, the IDF soldier charged with manslaughter after a video of him shooting dead a subdued Palestinian terrorist in the city of Hebron in March went viral on the internet, had his first pre-trial hearing at the Military Court in Jaffa on Monday. During the hearing a request for him to be released from custody to spend the upcoming Independence Day holiday with his family was denied, and the date of 23 May was set for the next hearing where lawyers for the defense and prosecution may submit motions to set up a framework for the upcoming trial.

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