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Iran Signs Massive Energy Deal with Total of France

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4 Jul 2017
Iran Signs Massive Energy Deal with Total of France
French-based energy giant Total announced on Monday that it had signed a deal worth $4.8 billion with the Iranian regime to develop an off-shore natural-gas field. The South Pars field is estimated to have sufficient reserves to justify the twenty-year contract, as Total's Chief Executive Officer Patrick Pouyanne declared "This is a major agreement for Total, which officially marks our return to Iran to open a new page in the history of our partnership with the country."

Syrian Regime Announces Unilateral Cease-Fire in South
The Assad regime announced late Sunday that it is unilaterally suspending combat operations in the south of the country until Thursday to support "reconciliation efforts" as all sides in the conflict have recently shown signs of exhaustion. The IDF remains on high alert along the border following recent errant fire coming from Syrian territory.

UCC Condemns Israel
The leadership of the United Church of Christ, a Mainline Protestant denomination in the US with around 1 million members, approved a resolution Sunday condemning Israel at its 31st General Synod in Baltimore. The resolution demands that Israel “exercise an absolute prohibition against torture and ill-treatment of detained children” and demands that the US withdraw military support for the Jewish State. The American Jewish Committee responded with a statement that by continuing to demonize Israel, UCC supports those who oppose peace.”

Israel Hit by Withering Heat Wave 
An extended heatwave was in its fifth day Tuesday with no relief in sight. Emergency medical units were called to over 100 heat related cases over the weekend, with officials urging citizens to stay hydrated and avoid strenuous activities, particularly outdoors.

Factions Make Progress in Untangling Kotel Controversy
The ongoing crisis between Israel’s governing coalition and Diaspora Jewish communities over recent decisions regarding the Western Wall and the issue of conversions showed some positive signs on Monday, as both the State and the non-Orthodox movements issued a request to the High Court of Justice to freeze litigation on the conversion issue for six months to give all sides a chance to “advance formulating a consensus achieve a solution to the disagreements over order to maintain unity for the Jewish nation.”

However, despite the attempt at goodwill, sniping and name-calling flew in all directions as the bad feelings created by the pending decisions continued to boil.

Today's video shows the latest message from King of Kings Jerusalem Congregation


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