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Iranian Leaders Angrily Denounce ‘Deal of the Century’

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30 Jan 2020
Iranian Leaders Angrily Denounce ‘Deal of the Century’
Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei gave a fiery speech on Wednesday, denouncing the Trump Administration’s recently released “Deal of the Century” as a “satanic” plot that would surely be thwarted, adding that the city of Jerusalem must not be “in the hands of Jews.” Iran’s foreign ministry issued a similar statement, saying it would seek to build cooperation with other regional countries “at all levels to unite the Muslim world to confront the great conspiracy.” However, ex-CIA director and general David Petraeus said on Wednesday that according to his assessments, Iran and its Lebanese Shi’ite terror proxy militia Hezbollah were not ready to risk a war with Israel at this time.

Here are some videos offering some analysis of the situation regarding Iran

Turkey Losing Patience with Russian Campaign in Syria
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan this week accused his Russian allies of “not honoring” agreements regarding the military assault on the Syrian province of Idlib, with tens of thousands of refugees from the violence there streaming towards the Turkish border. Russian air power has supported a ground assault on the last remnants of rebel factions and jihadist groups holed up in Idlib but the fight, which the Kremlin estimated would take a few weeks, has continued much longer.

Israel Reacting to Coronavirus Crisis
In response to the growing Novel Coronavirus epidemic, Israel’s national air carrier El Al has suspended all flights to China, where the outbreak originated. Other major airlines including British Airways have already taken the same step.

Arab Israelis Reject Transfer to Palestinian State
Israel’s Arab citizens have voiced their strong opposition to the idea of the villages and neighborhoods in the Galilee and eastern Jerusalem where they are a majority of the population being transferred to a future Palestinian State, as outlined in the Trump Administration’s recently unveiled “Deal of the Century.” On resident of the Galilee village of Taiba told the Jerusalem Post that “We are citizens of Israel and we want to remain so. I personally don’t want to live under the Palestinian Authority.” Other residents and civic leaders voiced similar sentiments.

Today's video shows yet another way Israe is blessing the world


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