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Iranian Leaders React with Fury to New US Sanctions

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5 Nov 2019
Iranian Leaders React with Fury to New US Sanctions
Iranian leaders have reacted with fury to a new package of economic and political sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Monday on 9 individuals closely tied to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Earlier on Monday, the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization Ali Akbar Salehi had announced that the Islamic Republic is taking further steps to violate the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal. His statement was made in the context of ongoing celebrations in Iran to mark the takeover of the US Embassy in Teheran in November of 1979 and the subsequent taking of American staff as hostages. "Our fight with America is over our independence, over not submitting to bullying, over values, beliefs, and our religion," army chief Major General Abdolrahim Musavi said in a speech at one such rally.

Increasingly Violent Protests Rock Lebanon and Iraq
Israel’s northern neighbor Lebanon continued its descent into turmoil on Monday, with street demonstrations, including increasingly violent clashes with security forces, continuing despite desperate promises of reforms and pleas for patience from establishment figures and dark threats of a violent crackdown by the Iranian-backed Shi’ite terror militia Hezbollah. In Iraq, security forces once again fired live ammunition into crowds of protesters in Baghdad on Monday, shortly after four protesters were shot dead at a demonstration in Karbala, brining the death toll since protests started in Iraq on 1 October to 270.

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Large Volumes of Natural Gas Found in Israel’s EEZ
Multi-national energy company Energean announced this week that it can confirm an additional 25 billion cubic meters (BCM) of recoverable natural gas from its Karish North field off Israel’s Mediterranean coast, along with 34 million barrels of light oil or condensate. The announcement was greeted with enthusiasm by analysts in Israel as another sign of the country’s improving economic outlook.

Contentious Decisions Announced In Jerusalem
There were some contentious developments in Jerusalem this week, as the Housing Cabinet approved a plan on Monday to build a 1.4 km.-long cable car project for Jerusalem’s Old City meant to ease access to the Western Wall and residents of the Har Nof neighborhood reacted with outrage to an unexpected announcement that the neighborhood will soon have a new name. The cable car plan has been ridiculed and maligned for a variety of reasons while the changing of Har Nof’s name to “Neot Yosef” in honor of two prominent Orthodox Rabbis is being challenged because the decision to do so was made by the Mayor’s Office without consulting residents.

Hamas Leader Boasts of Military Power
Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar gave a fiery speech Monday in which he warned that Hamas has “hundreds of kilometers of tunnels, hundreds of control rooms above and below the ground, thousands of anti-tank missiles and thousands of mortar shells…we can turn the enemy cities into ghost towns if they decide to attack us. The whole world must know that in Gaza there are about 70,000 armed young men from all the Palestinian factions, and we have young people who believe in the Palestinian cause and [will] achieve the purpose of the people."

He added that "had it not been for Iran's financial support, weapons and the transfer of expertise to the resistance in Gaza and Palestine, we would not have reached where we are." He concluded by admitting that "We have built this power and will continue to build it – not to protect the Strip, not to protect ourselves, but to achieve our people's dream of freedom and return."

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