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Israel Holds War Games with Greece Amidst Regional Tensions

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9 Nov 2018 (All day)
Israel Holds War Games with Greece Amidst Regional Tensions
Against a backdrop of regional tensions, the Israeli Air Force wrapped up a series of war games with the Hellenic Air Force in Greece this week, practicing a variety of maneuvers expected to be relevant in any potential conflict scenarios. Also this week, a senior officer loyal to Syria’s Assad regime boasted during an interview with the Russian Sputnik News network that the recent deployment of an S-300 air defense system to Syria “minimized” the chances of Israeli air operations against Iranian targets in Syria.

Belgium Upgrading PA’s Diplomatic Mission
Belgium took a step towards formally recognizing the “State of Palestine” this week when it upgraded the Palestinian Authority’s diplomatic mission in Brussels, according to a PA official. However, the Belgian Foreign Ministry told The Jerusalem Post that “Belgium has not changed its position regarding Palestine…the ‘enhancement’ of the status of the Mission of Palestine in Brussels doesn’t imply any change in the position of Belgium on the question of the recognition of a Palestinian state.”

Police Recommend Indictments in ‘Submarine Affair’
Reports surfaced this week that the Israel Police have completed their investigation into the so-called “Submarines Affair” officially known as “Case 3000” and have recommended the indictment of David Shimron, the personal lawyer and relative of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as former Israel Navy commander Eliezer Marom. The police statement said recommendations were made to indict four other suspects, including military officers and former close aides to Netanyahu. The announcement led to immediate calls by opposition politicians for Netanyahu to resign and is expected to complicate his plans for the next election campaign.

Israel Blesses the World
Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, recently received two GEN-350 atmospheric water generators as a gift from Israeli philanthropist Dr. Michael Mirilashvili. President of the Watergen company which builds the generators. The equipment, which draws water out of the atmosphere and distills it for household use, will alleviate shortages which have long plagued the city of 7.5 million people. “Watergen is honored to share the benefits of Israeli water technology to the people of Vietnam by providing them with a fundamental lifeline of drinking water,” said Mirilashvili.

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