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Israel Preparing to Defend Against Iranian Attacks

Analysts weigh in on risks and highlights

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12 Feb 2018 (All day)
Israel Preparing to Defend Against Iranian Attacks
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared Sunday morning that the IDF had delivered “harsh blows” to Iranian and Syrian forces which had been responsible for launching a military drone into Israeli airspace on Saturday morning. In the ensuing clashes, an Israeli F-16I aircraft was lost to enemy fire, the first such incident in 35 years. “We will continue to harm anyone who attempts to harm us,” Netanyahu said. Meanwhile, reports indicated that the IDF was beefing up its forces in the north as a precaution pending further developments.

“The squadron was sent to protect the country’s skies,” said the pilot of the Apache helicopter which shot down the Iranian drone on Saturday morning as it violated Israeli airspace. “We identified the aircraft as an Iranian drone, and when it crossed the border, we shot it down into Israeli territory.”

Here is the IDF's video from the shootdown of the drone

Shortly after this, Israeli aircraft hit the ground control units inside Syria which had sent the drone into Israeli air space, as well as other infrastructure in and around the Syrian base designated T4, which has been used by both Iran and the Assad regime to launch hostile action against Israel. Syrian anti-aircraft missile batteries responded and managed to damage one Israeli jet, forcing its crew to bail out. The plane then crashed near a kibbutz in the Galilee, inside Israeli territory.

“Iran has been using the (T4) base in recent months for the purpose of transferring weaponry to be used against Israel,” said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. “These actions by Iran at the base are ostensibly carried out under the guise of supporting the fighting against the global Islamic jihad forces, but the actions carried out in the past 24 hours prove that its real concern is direct, violent action against Israel.”

“In the Iranian action, all the Israeli warnings against Iranian consolidation in Syria were realized,” it continued. “The attack was initiated and Israel was forced to respond first to the threat in its territory and then to the hostile elements operating from the Syrian territory opposite it.”

Here is the video of PM Netanyahu's official statement on the day's events

Here is a video showing what Israel is doing to help Syrian civilians caught up in the fighting

Here is a video giving in-depth analysis of the situation on the ground in Syria


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