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Israeli Believers alarmed at campaign of anti-Messianic incitement

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3 Mar 2011
Israeli Believers alarmed at campaign of anti-Messianic incitement

Messianic Jews in Israel are alarmed over a new wave of incitement against their community launched at a recent ultra-Orthodox rally in Ashdod at which the local chief rabbi compared them to Hitler and fliers called for their expulsion from Israel. Calev Myers, a prominent Messianic Jewish legal advocate, insisted this week that Ashdod police should open an official investigation against the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Ashdod, Yosef Sheinin, for his inflammatory speech to some 1,000 haredi protesters on February 22nd. Rabbi Sheinin said that unlike in the past, Christians can no longer use blood libels against the Jews and now do it by inventing a new religion - Jewish believers in Jesus. "They want a final solution, [like] what Hitler wanted, but they have no tools of destruction, so they go with the tools of annihilation," he charged, according to a report on Ynetnews. Activists with the anti-missionary group Yad L'Achim also distributed fliers at the rally accusing Messianics of seeking to "convert us all and [remove any] trace of the people of Israel... While Hamas wants our land, they want the soul." The pamphlets urged that Israel be purged of all such "missionaries." The rally organizers promised similar protests nationwide in coming weeks. Myers, chief counsel of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, contends that Rabbi Sheinin and others involved in the campaign are violating Israeli laws banning incitement to racism and violence.


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