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Jewish Minor Indicted in Death of Palestinian Woman

Analyst weighs in on risks and highlights

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24 Jan 2019 (All day)
Jewish Minor Indicted in Death of Palestinian Woman
A Jewish minor was indicted in Lod District Court on Thursday on a charge of manslaughter for the individual’s role in the death of a Palestinian woman, Aysha Rabi, last October. During the incident, rocks were thrown at a vehicle Rabi was riding in, including one which caused a fatal wound when it hit her on the head. Police revealed in the indictment that the rock which struck the fatal blow had DNA evidence on it linked to the suspect. In related news, the Israeli research institute Palestinian Media Watch published a report on Thursday indicating that the Palestinian Authority made payments totaling NIS 502 million to prisoners being held by Israel for carrying out terrorist attacks against Israelis. The report, based on the PA’s own budget figures and information from the Israeli Prisons system, is intended to be used by the government for the purposes of deducting taxes and duties collected by Israel on behalf of the PA.

"The law that imposes monetary sanctions on the PA because of its payments to terrorists is one of the most important laws passed in Israel in recent years, because it sends a clear message to the Palestinian Authority that Israel will by no means accept its support for terrorism,” said PMW director Itamar Marcus.

Here is a video giving some analysis of the situation


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