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Leaders Arrive in Israel for Holocaust Commemorations

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23 Jan 2020
Leaders Arrive in Israel for Holocaust Commemorations
US Vice President Mike Pence and Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Israel Thursday morning to participate in the Fifth World Holocaust Forum to commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, joining dozens of other heads of state, as well as many of the crowned heads of Europe, who are already in Jerusalem for the event. On Wednesday evening, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin hosted a gathering of those who had already arrived at his official residence in Jerusalem, inviting them to join him in a joint statement against racism, antisemitism and extremism.

Here is a video the IDF posted on the occasion

Israel Moving on Environmental Issues
In the wake of a recent report showing dangerous levels of air pollution in Israel, Wednesday saw an inter-ministerial tenders committees for seawater desalination and solar power plants extend an invitation to companies who are interested in building a new desalinization plant in the Western Galilee and a large solar power plant near Dimona. "This is a significant step, alongside many other initiatives, to realize the ministry's policies of increasing its targets for electricity generation from renewable energy by 2030," said Energy Ministry director-general Udi Adiri.

Here is a video about green technology being developed in Israel

Macron Has Big Day in Jerusalem
French President Emmanuel Macron had an eventful visit to Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday, getting soaked with rainwater in the process of becoming the first French government leader to visit the Western Wall in almost a quarter of a century while also managing to get filmed getting into a sharp verbal confrontation with his Israeli security escort at the entrance to the Church of St. Anne. Despite reports that he later apologized for speaking harshly and shook hands with his escort, the video of the confrontation, which went viral on the internet, is likely to be the part of his trip to Jerusalem which is most remembered.
“I feel the holiness and the history here,” Macron said as he was standing at the Western Wall. Later, he visited the Temple Mount and was greeted by the director of the Wakf Islamic religious trust, Azzam al-Khatib, and Omar Kisswani, director of al-Aqsa Mosque.

Here is a video showing one aspect of Macron's big day

Archeologist Confirm Details of ‘Samaria Ostraca’
A study was published this week in the scientific research journal PLOS One, confirming that the famous “Samaria Ostraca” pottery fragments found by American archaeologist George Andrew Reisner at a dig in the Samarian foothills in 1910 were, in fact, originally produced in the Biblical city of Samaria itself. Many of the fragments have ink-on-pottery inscriptions in Biblical Hebrew recording transactions and delivery schedules for various merchandise including olive oil and wine.
“If only two scribes wrote the examined Samaria texts contemporaneously and both were located in Samaria rather than in the countryside, this would indicate a palace bureaucracy at the peak of the Kingdom of Israel’s prosperity,” archaeologist and coauthor Prof. Israel Finkelstein explained.

Here is a video about recent Biblical archeology in Israel


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