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Netanyahu Says Israel Prepared for War with Hamas

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4 Jul 2019 (All day)
Netanyahu Says Israel Prepared for War with Hamas
Israel’s i24 News portal reported on Wednesday evening that the Air Force had in recent months launched dozens of strikes on Iranian weapons shipments making their way through the Egyptian Sinai to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Egyptian security forces have also carried out operations to limit the flow of weapons. On Wednesday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a security cabinet meeting at the IDF Gaza Division headquarters, emerging from the meeting to issue a statement that Israel would like to restore calm to the south but is prepared for a large-scale military operation against the terrorist forces operating in Gaza if necessary.

Here is a video of the statement

PA Financial Reports Show Payments to Terrorists
The Palestinian Authority’s published financial expenditure reports for the first five months of 2019 show, among other things, that it has paid over $65 million in stipends to Palestinian terrorists who were arrested by Israeli security forces for their involvement in attacks against Israelis and are currently serving time in Israeli prisons. In related news, US senior adviser Jared Kushner said on Wednesday that the PA’s reaction to the recent “Prosperity to Peace” economic workshop in Bahrain was “hysterical and erratic and not particularly constructive.”

“They looked very foolish by trying to fight this,” he added. “Palestinians are starting to see that Israel is not responsible for their problems, it’s their leaders (who) will have to step up at some point and show that they want their people to live better lives.”

Archeologists Find Evidence of Philistine Origins
Archeologists excavating around the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon say they’ve found fresh evidence supporting the theory that the Philistines, mentioned in several books of the Bible as the mortal enemies of the ancient Israelites, came to the Leventine coast from southeast Europe in the 12 Century BC. The findings, which incorporate state of the art DNA testing done on bone fragments discovered during the excavations, were published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances. Meanwhile, a 1,600-year-old mosaic floor depicting the story of Elim from Exodus 15:27 was recently uncovered in the Galilee, and will soon be available for public viewing.

US-Iran Tensions Continue to Fester
U.S. President Donald Trump reacted to statements by Iranian officials that they would enrich uranium as much as they wanted, tweeting “Be careful with the threats, Iran. They can come back to bite you like nobody has been bitten before!” Several other world powers issued statements urging calm.

Fourth of July Celebrated in Israel
Various picnics and other events were planned on Thursday to help Israel’s hundreds of thousands of American-born citizens celebrate the Fourth of July. In the central Israeli city of Petah Tikva, municipal officials unveiled a sign naming a major square in the city after US President Donald Trump on Wednesday evening. “Israel never had a president who is as supportive and helpful as US President Donald Trump,” Mayor of Petah Tikva Rami Greenberg said. “It is only fitting to name a major square in the fourth largest Israeli city after him.”

Today's video shows the Independance Day celebrations this week at the US Embassy in Jerusalem


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