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Netanyahu Says Likud Likely to Lose Upcoming Election

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12 Sep 2019
Netanyahu Says Likud Likely to Lose Upcoming Election
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave an interview with KAN Radio Thursday morning in which he said his Likud Party’s internal polling indicated that he is headed for defeat in next weeks Knesset elections due to a low level of motivation to vote among his supporters. In the interview he also lamented statements and actions taken by some of his senior advisors which he felt had not been helpful in the political campaign as well as blaming Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit for preventing him from annexing the Jordan Valley, which he said he’d rather do before the election.

Netanyahu also spoke on Thursday with Russian news site RBC ahead of his planned trip to Moscow. Referring to his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin he declared that "through talks with him we were able to avert a near-unavoidable crash between the the Russian Air Force and our own forces during an operation in Syria." He added that "I don't think Russia and Iran are getting closer, quite the opposite in fact, I see many situations in which [Russians] and Iranians have different interests."

IDF Strikes Gaza in Response to Rocket Barrage
Following another barrage of rockets into southern Israel from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip Wednesday evening, IDF tanks and aircraft fired on several Hamas positions inside the Strip overnight Wednesday. Reports emerged that gunmen inside the Strip fired at IDF aircraft in an attempt to bring them down, while some additional rockets fired at southern Israel during the engagement fell inside Gaza.

Israel’s National Baseball Team Advances
Israel’s national baseball team ended the first round of the European Baseball Championships with a 4-1 record, advancing to the quarterfinals in a strong position. The team will be in action Friday morning against France as the surviving teams vie for a chance at the championship and qualifications for next summer’s Olympic Games. “We looked very strong throughout the week,” said Israel Association of Baseball President Peter Kurz. “We are ready for the next phase and look forward to representing Israel in general and Israel Baseball in particular with pride.”

Israel Blesses the World
Researchers at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa announced this week that they have developed a deep learning-based method for mapping critical receptors on cancer cells, a process which offers hope to millions of people around the world suffering from various forms of the disease. "A human pathologist cannot infer the tumor features from its shape because of the sheer number of variables," members of the research team said in a statement. "The good news is that artificial intelligence technologies, and especially deep learning, are capable of doing so."

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