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Palestinian factions announce unity government

Iran praises, US denounces new deal

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27 Apr 2011
Palestinian factions announce unity government

The rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas overcame their ideological differences and announced on Wednesday that they will form a government of national unity for the Palestinian populations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, causing alarm in Israel and dismay in the US and Europe.

Although the deal has not been signed and there are still details for both sides to work out, Hamas has already announced that by joining with Fatah, which dominates the Western backed Palestinian Authority, they are not joining in the recognition of Israel or participation in peace negotiations with the Jewish State.

"Palestinian divisions can't continue while efforts are being made to ensure recognition of a Palestinian state," agreed Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Elaraby, who helped broker the deal.

Later on Thursday, PA President Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of Fatah, indicated that he was still theoretically interested in negotiations with Israel.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the PA needed to choose between a peace deal with Israel and one with Hamas.

"Peace with both is impossible, because Hamas aims to destroy the State of Israel and says that openly," Netanyahu said. "It fires missiles at our cities and at our children. He added that the current situation led to questions as to "whether Hamas will gain control over Judea and Samaria, the way it did over the Gaza Strip (but) I hope that the Palestinian Authority will make the right choice - that it will choose peace with Israel. The choice is in its hands."

Other Israeli officials cautioned that such deals have been announced before and fell apart before they could be fully implemented, so it's best to wait and see what develops.

Elsewhere, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Salehi declared on Thursday that the unity agreement between Hamas and Fatah is a "blessed, positive line with the Palestinian nation's historic objectives (including) resistance against the Zionist occupiers."

He also praised the new Egyptian government's role in mediating between the two factions and added that he hoped the agreement would "lead to acceleration of the developments in the Palestine region and to acquiring great victories in confrontations with the ruthless occupiers."

In Washington, several members of Congress denounced the deal and declared their intention of reviewing US aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY) declared the deal to be "a recipe for failure, mixed with violence, leading to disaster."


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