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Palestinian Riots on Gaza Border Precede Violent Weekend

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28 Jan 2019 (All day)
Palestinian Riots on Gaza Border Precede Violent Weekend
The weekly “March of Return” riots on the border between Israel and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip Friday afternoon were the most violent in several weeks, kicking off a weekend which saw several violent incidents between Palestinians and Israelis on the border region as well as in the West Bank. Several Palestinians were killed and wounded in the clashes, including 38-year-old Hamdi Taleb Na’san, who the IDF believes was shot by a Jewish settler amidst clashes between Palestinians and settlers following an attack on a Jewish hiker near the outpost of Adei Ad, near Shiloh north of Jerusalem.

UN Special Coordinator to the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov promptly tweeted that “#Israel must put an end to settler violence & bring those responsible to justice. My thoughts & prayers go out to the family of the #Palestinian man killed & those injured. All must condemn violence, stand up to terror.”

“I would not call it Jewish terror,” Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz told Army Radio in an interview Sunday morning. “Each incident has to be investigated. Unfortunately, today, there are incidents violence by Jews. But let’s not forget the general situation. There is a Palestinian Authority and terror organizations that are inciting terrible hatred against the State of Israel and against the Jewish people. There is Arab violence throughout the length and breadth of Judea and Samaria.”

In related news, the UN and Qatar signed a memorandum of understanding Sunday night for a one-time grant of $20 million for humanitarian projects in Gaza. This follows the rejection by Hamas of aid money from Qatar last week because they found the conditions attached to the grant unacceptable. Qatar also gave a direct cash grant of $10 million to be disbursed among thousands of families in Gaza.

Israeli Rescue Workers Land in Brazil
A team of 130 rescue workers and first responders from the IDF and the ZAKA civilian first-aid organization landed in Brazil Sunday morning to assist in rescue and recovery efforts following the collapse of a dam near the southeastern city of Belo Horizonte which so far has resulted in 58 deaths. "We will continue to act under the assumption that people can be rescued alive until we have recovered the last body," said Pedro Ihara, a spokesman for the Brazilian fire department. "However, given the nature of the event, it is clear that as time passes, the chances of finding survivors is going down."

Here is a video showing the IDF’s preparation for launching the operation

Iran Threatens EU Over Ballistic Missile Related Sanctions
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi issued a terse response Saturday to a statement by the French government that it is considering sanctions on the clerical regime in Tehran over its continued development of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear payloads. “If further sanctions are imposed on Iran,” Qassemi said, “we will reconsider our relations with Europe and continue to advance our defense capabilities…Iran's missile capability is not negotiable, and this fact has been transferred to the French side in the dialogue between Iran and France.”

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has always sought peace and stability in the region and believes that the massive sales of sophisticated and aggressive weapons by the United States and several European countries, including France, have undermined the peace and quiet in the region," Qassemi added.

Here is a video giving some analysis of Iran's renegade ballistic Missile Program

Archeologists Unearth Second Temple Artifact Near Shiloh
Archeologists excavating near the ancient city of Shiloh, north of Jerusalem, unearthed a coin over the weekend which bears an inscription dating it to the reign of Herod Agrippa, who administered the region as an agent of the Roman Empire during the Second Temple Period. “This is a very meaningful find,” said Hananya Hizmi, an officer in the archaeological unit of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories COGAT. “Every archaeological find has a story that sheds more light on the history of the Land of Israel and the Jewish people. Finds like these complete another part of the historical puzzle of our people.”

Roseanne Barr Visits Israel
American actress Roseanne Barr was in Israel over the weekend, visiting Jerusalem's Western Wall and other landmarks and giving interviews to local media. She is scheduled to address the Knesset plenum on Thursday.

Malaysia Loses Paralympic Championships Over Israeli Ban
 The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced on Sunday that it was taking away Malaysia’s opportunity to host the 2019 World Para Swimming Championships, scheduled to take place in July, because it banned Israeli athletes from participating. Pointing out that Malaysia was in breach of the legal contract which it signed upon receiving the priviledge of hosting the competition, the IPC added “Politics and sport are never a good mix and we are disappointed that Israeli athletes would not have been allowed to compete in Malaysia.”


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