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Russia and Israel in Diplomatic Spat Over Golan Heights

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11 Oct 2018 (All day)
Russia and Israel in Diplomatic Spat Over Golan Heights
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov issued a statement on Wednesday flatly contradicting the Israeli position on the Golan Heights, re-iterated on Monday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that the strategic plateau which dominates the military terrain along the Jewish State’s northern border, would always remain in Israeli hands. “The status of the Golan Heights is determined by the resolutions of the UN Security Council,” Lavrov said. “To change this status bypassing the Security Council, I think, would be a direct violation of these resolutions.”

The statement came just hours after Russia’s visiting deputy prime minister Maxim Akimov made a more cordial speech to a meeting of the Russian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Jerusalem Tuesday evening, saying that although the security and geopolitical situation in the region is “very complex” diplomats in both Moscow and Jerusalem “are concentrating on the economic and social agenda, and I hope that, in the future, additional [subjects] and efforts will be discussed by our leaders in order to resolve the political [issues].”

In related news, the Islamic State (IS) terror militia launched a counter-offensive against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militias Wednesday in the northeast of the country, resulting in heavy fighting and large numbers of casualties on all sides.

Pompeo Criticizes Iran’s Support for Terrorism
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared on Wednesday that Iran’s attempt to carry out a terrorist bombing attack on a rally of exiled opposition groups in Paris earlier this year “lays bare Iran’s continued support of terrorism throughout Europe,” adding that this justifies the Trump Administrations re-imposition of sanctions on the Islamic Republic. Meanwhile, reports out of Iran indicate that ordinary citizens are stocking up on daily necessities in anticipation of shortages and other hardships in the near future.

Click here to read a recent US State Dept Report on Iran’s Worldwide Support for Terrorism and Other Malign Activities (PDF)

Israel and Denmark Celebrate Important Anniversary
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin visited Denmark this week in a friendly diplomatic visit. Part of his trip will include a meeting with Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen to publicly observe the anniversary of the evacuation of over 7,000 Danish Jews to Sweden during WWII.

Here is a Video About the Rescue of Denmark’s Jews During the Holocoust

Security Ties Strengthen Between Israel and America
Israel Aerospace Industries, one of the largest defense companies in Israel, has announced that its North American subsidiary is looking into expanding operations in the US State of Mississippi. IAI North America’s plant there already produces components for the joint US-Israel Arrow 3 air defense system as well as subcontracting work for US aerospace giant Boeing. In related news, Beersheva-based cybersecurity startup Morphisec announced on Sunday that it has received a grant from the US Department of Homeland Security to develop cybersecurity tools.

Israel’s Sporting Community Aids Diplomacy
Israeli nonprofit “Budo for Peace” which teaches martial-arts to children from all backgrounds has been named as a regional finalist in the 2018 Peace and Sport Organizations’ annual awards. The winner will be announced next week at the Peace and Sport Regional Forum in Rhodes, Greece. In related news, it was announced this week that ten Jewish-American baseball players will be immigrating to Israel in order to participate in the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Today’s video shows a fun place to see on your next visit to Jerusalem


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