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Russian Officials in Israel to Discuss Syria and Iran

Analysts weigh in on risks and highlights

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29 Jan 2019 (All day)
Russian Officials in Israel to Discuss Syria and Iran
Senior Russian officials were in Jerusalem on Tuesday for meetings with their Israeli counterparts, with discussions about the ongoing situation in Syria and relations with Iran at the top of the agenda. The meetings come amidst an escalating war of words between the Kremlin and Iran’s clerical regime, as well as an increasing willingness on the part of the EU and individual European governments to censure Iran over its conduct in Syria and its development of nuclear capable ballistic missiles.

“The enemies say Iran’s missile power should be eliminated, but we have repeatedly said our missile capabilities are not negotiable,” Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami told Iranian media on Tuesday.

Similar bellicose statements were made by senior Iranian officials in various forums on Monday and Tuesday.

In a related development, the EU’s Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) announced Monday that it had reason to believe Iran is working to increase its abilities in the cyber realm in order to engage in more sophisticated online espionage against its neighbors and Western powers.

A senior Iranian official reacted by dismissing the report, saying "these are all part of a psychological war launched by the United States and its allies against Iran."

Here is a video showing a recent discussion on the roles of Russia and the US in Syria


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