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Southern Israel Pounded by Hundreds of Rockets

Hamas Calls Early Morning Cease-Fire

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6 May 2019
Southern Israel Pounded by Hundreds of Rockets
A fragile calm returned to southern Israel Monday morning as the Islamist terror militia Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip and along with the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization launched a nearly 900 rockets and mortars into Israel over the weekend, declared a cease-fire from 4:30 AM. Four Israelis were killed by the rockets and nearly 250 others were wounded, while reports in the Strip said 23 people were killed and 60 wounded by Israel’s retaliatory strikes on terror infrastructure. An unconfirmed report said that the Palestinian terror factions in the Strip launched the barrage of rockets in an effort to disrupt the upcoming Eurovision song contest.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued  a brief statement around noon, saying “Over the past two days, we have hit Hamas and Islamic Jihad with great force, attacking over 350 targets, hitting terrorist leaders and activists,  and destroying terror towers. The goal was and remains to ensure quiet and security for residents of the south. I send condolences to the families [of the victims]  and wish the wounded a speedy recovery."

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri replied to this statement by declaring that “The resistance succeeded in deterring Netanyahu's army…this round is over, but the confrontation will not end until our rights are achieved.”

Here are some videos about the rocket attacks and their effect on Israeli communities



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