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UNSC further tightens sanctions on Iran

US Senator dismisses IRGC boasts

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23 Apr 2012 (All day)
UNSC further tightens sanctions on Iran

The UN Security Council took action over the weekend to further tighten already strong sanctions against Iranian officials. "The individuals listed today helped plan a weapons shipment - intercepted by Nigeria in 2010 - in violation of existing UN sanctions," US Ambassador Susan Rice said in a statement. "Both individuals and this company are tied to the Qods Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the group that directs Iranian support for terrorism and extremism worldwide." The website for the UN Iran sanctions committee identified the two sanctioned individuals as Azim Aghajani, member of the IRGC elite Qods Force, and Ali Akbar Tabatabaei, whom it describes as a "senior officer responsible for IRGC Qods Force operations." Additionally, another Iranian company, Behineh Trading Co. was also sanctioned as "one of the two Iranian companies that played key roles in Iran's illicit transfer of arms to West Africa and acted on behalf of the IRGC Qods Force."

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In related news, Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, head of the IRGC aerospace division, boasted on state TV over the weekend that his technicians would soon be able to mass produce drones utilizing technology gleaned from a captured US stealth UAV. His claims were dismissed by US officials as ridiculous.

“I am giving you four codes so the Americans understand just how far we have gone in penetrating the drone’s secrets,” Gen. Ali Hajizadeh said. “In October 2010, the aircraft was sent to California for some technical issues, where it was repaired and, after flight tests, it was taken to Kandahar (in Afghanistan) in November 2010, when a series of technical problems still prevailed. In December 2010, it was sent to an airport near Los Angeles for repair of its equipment and sensors, and flight tests. The drone was then sent back to Kandahar. This aircraft is a national treasure for us, and I cannot divulge information about it.”

“There is some history here of Iranian bluster, particularly now when they’re on the defensive because of our economic sanctions against them,” said U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn, who leads the Senate Homeland Security Committee.


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