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US and Israel Set to Launch Juniper Falcon War Games

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8 Feb 2019 (All day)
US and Israel Set to Launch Juniper Falcon War Games
The US and Israel were set to kick of the Juniper Falco 2019 joint training exercises next week, with thousands of soldiers from both countries participating. Military observers from dozens of allied nations will also be on hand to benefit from the exercise, which will include tests of equipment, tactics and training. Although the IDF spokesperson’s office stressed that the exercise was merely the latest in a series of long-planned and routine drills not aimed at any specific threat, observers noted the timing of the wars games following several weeks of escalating tensions on Israel’s northern border.

USGCA Report Reveals Hateful Curriculum in PA Schools
A report by the United States Government Accountability Office detailing the hateful and anti-Israel curriculum being taught to Palestinian children by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)  in PA administered cities in the West Bank was declassified this week. "It is unacceptable that the textbooks that are used delegitimize Israel and demonize the Jewish people, it is unacceptable that this program attempts to engrain this hatred in the hearts of children," declared Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY). "American’s hard earned money went towards its funding and it is unacceptable that the State Department lied to Congress about these very realities."

Aviation Training School Launched in Eilat
Israel Air Force veteran and El Al pilot Yochanan Shemer is leading an aviation academy named CAA in Israel’s Red Sea resort city of Eilat to address the looming shortage of pilots, mechanics and technicians in Israel’s small but growing aviation industry. “In Israel, the aviation world is particularly limited, with three main companies operational here,” he told the Jerusalem Post. “There is currently a very severe shortage of pilots in the world, and that shortage will also increase in Israel. The number of pilots that come from the air force to Israeli airlines is decreasing every year, and the number of pilots arriving from civilian studies is increasing.”

Palestinian Factions Preparing for Civil War
In the latest indication that factions within the Palestinian Authority are preparing for civil war following the demise of ailing President Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli security forces recently intercepted a shipment of assault rifles, pistols and other weapons from a Jordanian smuggling group meant for sale to senior Fatah officials. In related news, a Palestinian resident of eastern Jerusalem was arrested Thursday by Israeli police following a raid on his home which turned up weapons and explosives.

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