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US lawmakers unite over Jerusalem

Democrats and Republicans take a stand on Jerusalem Day

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2 Jun 2011
US lawmakers unite over Jerusalem

On Jerusalem Day, June 1, 2011, lawmakers from both parties joined in voicing their support for legislation that would ensure the US embassy in Israel is relocated to Jerusalem and that Jerusalem is recognized as the undivided capital of Israel.

The event on Capitol Hill was sponsored by the International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation and featured several prominent speakers such as Rabbi Benny Elon, Rabbi Herzfeld, ICEJ US Director Susan Michael and former congressman Dr. Dave Weldon.

No less than 7 congressmen, Democrats and Republicans, attended the press event as part of the breakfast. They were outspoken in their support for Israel and more specifically for Jerusalem. Here a some notable quotes:

Elliot Engel (D) New York: "The question is not whether the West will support a Palestinian state, the question is whether the Palestinians will say yes to a Jewish state"

Shelly Berkley (D) Nevada: "Keeping the US embassy in  Tel-Aviv has not made anyone more secure, it has made the region less stable"

Joe Walsh (R) Illinois: "We shouldn't talk to the Palestinians until they do three things. One, recognize Israel's right to exist. Two, stop killing innocent civilians and three, stop teaching hatred. The other side only respects strength. There is no more visible sign of strength than to have the US embassy in Jerusalem. We are pro-Israel first and pro-peace second. Until we get that right, we won't move forward on peace"

CBN was there to cover the event and they produced this video:

Susan Michael's speech, The Significance of Jerusalem to Christians, provided an excellent analysis of the connection that believers have to the city and why they should support continued Jewish sovereignty there.


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