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ICEJ Feast Highlights for 2018

Events You Don't Want to Miss!

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20 Sep 2018
ICEJ Feast Highlights for 2018

Events Open to the Press

Jerusalem March
Thursday, 27 September, from 2:00 PM
ICEJ national delegations assemble at north end of Sacher Park
The traditional Jerusalem March is the highlight of the Feast for many pilgrims, and the ICEJ national delegations will once again be the largest and most colorful group in the popular holiday parade. The March begins at 3:00 PM from the north end of Sachar Park up Betzalel Street. Journalists should contact the ICEJ to arrange interviews with pilgrims at 2:00 PM in the ICEJ’s assembly area at the northwest corner of Sderot Yitzhak Rabin and Ben-Zvi.

Israeli Guest Night
Thursday, 27 September, at 7:30 PM, Jerusalem Pais Arena

Over one thousand local Israelis join our Feast pilgrims for a gala cultural and musical program featuring recording artists, choirs and other performers from Israel and around the world. The program also will feature a celebration of Israel’s 70th anniversary of modern statehood, as well as the moving of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. There will be a special tribute to Senator Jon Kyl, initiator of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995.

Tour of Gaza Border Area
Tuesday, 2 October, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, ICEJ Bus Tour to Eshkol Region

Right after Sukkot ends, the ICEJ will host a special bus tour for our national directors and Feast pilgrims to the Gaza border area to visit Israeli communities the Christian Embassy has been assisting during the recent challenges of Palestinian rocket barrages and arson attacks by flaming kites and balloons. Community leaders and security officers from the Eshkol Region will hold a special ceremony honoring the ICEJ and its partner Operation Lifeshield for their recent assistance to the Gaza periphery towns and villages. This includes the ICEJ’s donation of six new mobile bomb shelters, fifteen all-terrain fire-fighting trailers, and three new special ATV security vehicles. Media are invited to join the tour. To reserve a seat on the bus from Jerusalem, write to:

Premiere of new ICEJ documentary “Journey of Dreams”
Wednesday, 26 September, 12:00 PM in the Green Room, Jerusalem Pais Arena

All media are invited to the premiere screening of a new documentary exploring the modern saga of the return of Ethiopian Jews to Israel, as seen through the eyes of the Males family, who were finally reunited with relatives in Israel last year after nearly two decades of separation. An ICEJ film team traveled to Ethiopia in May 2017 to record the hopes and struggles of those waiting many long years to immigrate to Israel, and then were on hand at Ben-Gurion Airport to capture the emotional reunion of the Males family. This film gives the real-life stories behind the headlines on Ethiopian Aliyah.

OurCrowd outreach to pro-Israel Christian investors
OurCrowd, the leading venture capital fund for Israeli start-ups, is partnering with the ICEJ to reach out to potential new investors among the vast global Christian Zionist movement. Jon Medved, Founder and CEO of OurCrowd, will address the Feast audience, while OurCrowd experts will conduct a seminar for interested Christian investors. To schedule an interview with Jon Medved about these new efforts, please contact Leah Stern at or by PH +972 (0)54-341-4861.

Other Media Options:
We can arrange interviews with an array of colorful and interesting pilgrims from across the globe.


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