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ICEJ Petitions UN to Stop Iran

Global petition urges UN to indict Ahmadinejad

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Posted on: 
18 Sep 2008
ICEJ Petitions UN to Stop Iran

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has today delivered a global petition to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon signed by over 55,000 Christians from more than 120 countries worldwide demanding that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad be indicted for incitement to genocide against Israel.

The petition was delivered to the United Nations on the eve of the Iranian leader’s planned visit to New York to address the Opening of the UN General Assembly next week, where he will be greeted by a mass rally on Monday demanding a stronger UN and international response to the growing Iranian nuclear threat.

“In a sense, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem and the United Nations were both born out of the ashes of the Nazi Holocaust. The silence of most Christian clergy in the face of Germany’s horrific bid to annihilate European Jewry left a deep stain on the churches. Yet from it has arisen a sense among multitudes of Christians today that we have an inescapable moral duty to earnestly speak out whenever another genocidal campaign threatens the Jewish People,” said Rev. Malcolm Hedding, the ICEJ’s Executive Director.

“Unfortunately, we are concerned that just such a genocidal campaign is taking shape in the form of Iran’s repeated threats to eliminate the Jewish State and its quest for the nuclear means to carry out these threats,” Hedding said.

In a letter to the UN Secretary General accompanying the petition, Hedding noted that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other senior Iranian officials have made repeated calls to “wipe Israel off the map.” Employing inflammatory language, they have labelled Israel and Jews as “the source of plague and typhus,” “parasites,” “cancerous tumours,” and “a germ of corruption”, among other slanders also used by the Nazi propagandists.

Hedding also noted that Amadinejad appears to have developed a warped self-awareness that he is to play a key role in the advent of the 13th Imam expected by many devout Shia Muslims. In his last address before the UN General Assembly, he insisted that an “aura of light” engulfed him as he prayed for the coming of this mythical figure.

“Taken together, this makes for a highly potent elixir, as the Iranian regime would possess both the motivation and the means to trigger unspeakable carnage and chaos worldwide,” warned Hedding.

Hedding also took to task certain leaders in the Mennonite and Quaker movements that will be hosting Ahmadinejad at a ‘dialogue’ reception during his visit to the US.

“The Bible nowhere advocates this type of engagement and in fact warns against it,” said Hedding. “Jesus did not talk with Herod because he represented a system that was corrupt and evil. These Christian leaders will forever be associated with the appeasement of wickedness!”

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is headquartered in the Israeli capital, with branch offices and representatives in some 80 nations, and a reach into more than 125 nations around the world. Its primary mandate is to serve as a “ministry of comfort” to Israel and the Jewish People worldwide, as a means for Christians to finally redress the lingering grievances which the Jewish people have against us due to the tragic history of Christian anti-Semitism.


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