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Q&A with Julian Watts, Chairman of Markets Unlocked

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Q&A with Julian Watts, Chairman of Markets Unlocked

What is Markets Unlocked?

Markets Unlocked is a global business-to-business matchmaking system which connects buyers and suppliers in every industry, sector and country.

We have agreement for over US$ 0.5 billion of products and services to be purchased exclusively through Markets Unlocked and there is a continuous stream of purchase requests flowing through the system.

Does it cover my business?

Every business, from the smallest one-person company to the largest multinational can benefit from Markets Unlocked, whether their market is local or at a state, national or international level.

How does it benefit my business?

Any company which buys from, or sells to, another company can increase their profit through Markets Unlocked by increasing sales or reducing purchase costs.

Markets Unlocked increases sales by delivering live sales leads to the desks of suppliers. For example, Markets Unlocked has delivered live sales leads to suppliers for 650 tons and 1 million units of the products or services they supply.

Other companies have reduced the cost of products or services they have purchased, including one buyer who entered a purchase request for US$450,000 and saved US$49,500 and another buyer who secured a 22% reduction in the cost of raw materials.

How does it work?

Markets Unlocked matches business buyers and suppliers in two ways:

A buyer enters a purchase request and Markets Unlocked automatically delivers this live sales lead anonymously (without revealing the name of the buyer company) to relevant suppliers around the world. The suppliers respond and the buyer shortlists the best suppliers, receives their contact details and negotiates with them directly.

2) A supplier can place directory entries in all their target markets around the world. The directory entries can be standardised or highly customised for that market segment and can include company profile, product photos, latest offers etc. Buyers in the target market can review the directory entries and contact the supplier.

How does it benefit Israel?

In January 2007, Markets Unlocked opened its office in Israel. Our team in Israel reviews every purchase request entered into the Markets Unlocked system, researches Israeli companies who can supply the required product or service, and then helps them respond to the purchase request. 

Since Israeli companies can use the system for free, with no annual membership fee, Markets Unlocked is therefore delivering live sales leads from around the world to Israeli companies for free.

What is the cost for companies outside Israel?

The annual membership fee varies by country and ranges from US$730 in the USA to US$150 in some Asia/Pacific nations.

Annual membership provides unlimited use of the system 24/7 for a year.

Buyers can enter as many purchase requests as they wish during the year. For example, one company was so pleased with the result of its first purchase request that it promptly entered a further 11 purchase requests in a single day.

Suppliers can respond to as many purchase requests as they like during the year and can also enter directory entries in all their target markets around the world.

Companies can therefore make as many purchases or respond to as many sales leads as they wish during the year and for many companies, just one sale or purchase during the 12 months of their membership will comfortably cover the cost of the annual membership fee.

What do I do next?

The next step is to join Markets Unlocked and enter your first purchase request for one of the largest items – product or service – your company buys.

We will deliver your purchase request to relevant Israeli suppliers so they can respond. Markets Unlocked will also automatically deliver your purchase request anonymously (not revealing your company name) to other relevant suppliers around the world who can also respond with their best deal.

You can then chose which suppliers, if any, you wish to shortlist and we will then provide you with the shortlisted suppliers’ contact details so you can negotiate with them directly.

The Markets Unlocked Global Customer Care Center is ready 24 hours a day to help you to register, enter your first purchase request, answer any questions you may have and help you get the maximum value from Markets Unlocked system – just click the “Contact Us” button on the Markets Unlocked website.

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