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Balfour Declaration

Jews and Christians Celebrate Together

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6 Feb 2018 (All day)
Balfour Declaration

On 7 Nov. 2017 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, thousands of Christians and Jews met to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Balfour declaration. Using the words spoken by Arthur Balfour, the British foreign secretary in the War Cabinet at the time, they named the event “Partners in this Great Enterprise.”

Balfour 100 Committee
The partners both then and now were primarily Christians and Jews. However, the Balfour celebration in the Albert Hall (London’s most prestigious venue) took place because Christian Zionist leaders put aside differences to work together to produce this magnificent pageant of praise and history. Later known as the Balfour 100 committee, this group brought Jewish and Christian leaders together in the British society, including royalty and the present Lord Balfour. However, the key organisation behind the scenes was the ICEJ UK. The president of the ICEJ, Jürgen Bühler, was a keynote speaker along with the ambassador for Israel Mark Regev.

A Nation of Destiny
Jürgen spoke about the UK being raised up as a Cyrus nation in the purposes and plans of God for his ancient people. Interestingly, the souvenir booklet carried the same theme. Nations, as well as individuals, are raised up to fulfil a destiny. During World War I when the Turkish Ottoman Empire fell and Jerusalem was freed, it was an amazing privilege, in spite of the appalling carnage amongst the nations, that the birth certificate for Israel was issued by the United Kingdom!

Jerusalem was liberated following the world changing battle of Beersheba that was won by the Australian and New Zealand forces known as the Anzacs. At the same time the Anzacs were defeating the Turks, the British war cabinets in London voted overwhelmingly for the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine. In 1920, the Balfour Declaration was internationally ratified at San Remo, Italy. All of this was foundational for the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

A Night to Remember
The evening programme consisted of a wonderful cross-section of both Jewish and Christian artists honouring the historical narrative of the Balfour events. It included speeches given by such luminaries as Spurgeon, Bishop Ryle, Balfour and Theodore Herzl. The uplifting choir was from Holland, and the Adoramus orchestra was from London. Other participants included the redeemed Church of God choir, the Israeli Dance Institute and ICEJ’s very own Serguei Popov.

Souvenir Booklet
We have issued a souvenir booklet written by both Jews and Christians with a comprehensive history of Christian Zionism and knowledge about the emergence and legitimacy of Israel as a nation. There is also an excellent DVD of all the evening events. Both are available at a special discount for ICEJ supporters.

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