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Balfour Declaration 100 year Declaration:

Dr. Juergen Buehler ICEJ President opens with address at Albert Hall

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13 Nov 2017 (All day)
Balfour Declaration 100 year Declaration:

Dr. Juergen Buehler ICEJ President, had the honor on November 8th, 2017 to give the opening address at the Balfour 100 year Celebration at Albert Hall in Londong. With the few minutes they gave him, he was able to speak a powerful message to the people.

“My Lord, ladies and gentleman, what a privilege and what a joy to be here today with you to celebrate 100 years of the Balfour Declaration. Looking tonight at this evening’s program, I believe we all come to the conclusion that God’s powerful hand is resting upon your nation. There is a special calling on Great Britain.
Many people say there is a Cyrus calling on your nation. Cyrus, the Persian King, who was foretold centuries before he was actually born, by the great Jewish prophet Isaiah who says, “Behold, Cyrus, my shepherd, my servant, he will say to Jerusalem, “Be rebuilt.” He will speak to my temple and say, “Be rebuilt and your foundations shall be laid.”
The Balfour Declaration, indeed, was a declaration to the world to rebuild Zion and to rebuild Jerusalem. Out of the Balfour Declaration, the desert has become a green place. Out of the Balfour Declaration, Jewish people from the ends of the earth returned back to their homeland and they rebuilt the ancient cities.
Today, I have been at the British museum and I looked at what is called the “Cyrus Cylinder.” You could read exactly what he was doing, calling forth the rebuilding of the Temple. Calling forth the restructuring of the nation and allowing the Jewish people to return to their homeland. Your nation did this in our modern days, and you should be proud of you.
This little cylinder also stated that the Cyrus declaration was maybe the first declaration of human rights. And I believe this is also true for your nation. Because the establishment of the state of Israel was also paralleled by the establishment of many other nations in that region.
There are many people that say the Balfour Declaration is a colonial declaration, but the truth is exactly the opposite. It’s a declaration calling for freedom for the nations. And I know that my Bible tells me that he who blesses Israel shall be blessed. And looking at you here tonight, it makes me believe that God has a great future for your nation. The best days are still ahead of you. May God bless your nation. May God bless the nation of Israel. May God bless you all.


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