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Christian Volunteers Making an Impact in Israel

Knesset & Painting Homes

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6 Feb 2018
Christian Volunteers Making an Impact in Israel

Israeli Parliamentarians Honour Christian Volunteers - By Kayla Ellingsworth

A special event honouring Christian Zionists volunteering in Israel was held at the Knesset in Jerusalem on Monday, November 6, 2017. Hosting the event, MK Sharren Haskel addressed the Christian volunteers with these words, “Today, it is important that we appreciate and value those who come and volunteer and support our nation.”

Christian Zionist volunteers, about 200 in number, had the honour of attending this gathering inside the Knesset. Jewish leaders and Knesset Members expressed their deep gratitude to Christians in Israel and those all around the world who have given their time, care, love, and finances to stand with Israel and the Jewish people. 

Rabbi Yonadav Zar stated, “The Knesset in Israel is like Israel’s national house, but no house is complete without guests. So, thanks to each of you who are here today as our guests. Thank you for coming today because without you we cannot be complete.” Sondra Baras, Director of Christian Friends of Israeli Communities, said to the Christian Zionist volunteers, “You understand that the land belongs to Israel, and we couldn’t be here in the land without knowing that we have Christian friends standing with us and cheering us on.” Rabbi Yehuda Glick also shared the importance of Jews and Christians working together to bring the God of Israel, who is a God of love, to the world. 

The main message of the event was to encourage more Christians to volunteer and stand with the Jewish people here in their land with the God of Israel! The day closed with Christians and Jews connecting over refreshments in the lobby. This truly was a remarkable event where Jesus was glorified in the Knesset building of Israel!


Fresh Coat of Paint Breathes New Life Into Family Home - By Nicole Yoder, ICEJ AID Director

Beginning life in a new land is challenging, and successful integration can be a process of several years. This is where ICEJ Aid steps in by providing mentors, encouragement and practical help essential for new arrivals. This week it involved taking our paint brushes and several staff to repaint the apartment of a young single Ethiopian immigrant mother of two. Working hard in elderly care leaves her with minimal resources making it difficult to invest in home repairs.

A few days later, we left with the make-over completed, the apartment sparking clean, and a huge smile on the face of our new friend. The family’s mentor, Birtukan, conveyed in words what the mother’s smile had already spoken to our hearts, “The family was very excited and happy with the assistance they received. It was like getting into a new house for them! Thank you for your generous giving to families in need. You are doing a holy work. We hope you will continue to assist families. Heartfelt thanks!” In fact, the next families are already waiting in line.


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